Be happy constantly

Baba says, ‘there isn’t another nourishment like happiness‘. He had created a different reality, a golden world where there was unlimited happiness, Ravan (the vices) snatched it away from us. Baba has come now to give us our happiness back again.

I come bringing heaven on the palm of My hand and I give it to you as your inheritance, He says. Have I accepted my inheritance? or I am still stuck in ‘maybe I don’t deserve it’, ‘it’s not for me’, ‘I can’t seem to claim it’ etc. etc.? Do I believe deeply that God is my Father and that this is my birthright? Do I believe deeply that I deserve to be and CAN be happy?

If I have accepted the inheritance, I experience constant happiness, I experience super-sensuous joy. Baba says, happiness becomes nourishment for those that experience it constantly. That last word is key.

If I am experiencing a high on Monday and am spiraling back down by Wednesday, then that happiness is not real and cannot work as nourishment. I cannot keep changing my diet by the day, I need to keep it going consistently so the body can adapt, absorb and become healthy. Same with the soul.

After half a cycle of body consciousness, of Ravan’s company, we have become ill and therefore weak. Baba comes to give the soul nourishment and nurse it back to health. He says, I am also your spiritual Surgeon and I bring you the tonic of knowledge and remembrance. This is a very powerful tonic and is like none other. When you take this tonic, you experience happiness. But again, I have to take it consistently every single day. Then…the tonic has effect and I start to see results.

Baba says, ‘consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone‘. When you do this, even a small drop of this remembrance brings so much sweetness and therefore happiness. Do you remember that I have come personally to teach you? If you did, you would study with a lot of attention. When I study well, I have new realizations which is a sign that the soul is on the journey back to health.

You are the lights of My hope, says Baba. I want nothing more than for you to fill up with all the treasures that are yours. This confluence is the only time to accumulate the treasures such that I am assured of unlimited happiness for the whole cycle. This is the time to invest, He reminds us. Every second, every thought of this time is invaluable. Don’t waste it…. invest it.

Don’t become heavy from the weight of making effort. Remember that I am a student and that student life is the best life. Its a balance between staying focused on the aim and remembering that I am a work in progress. The easiest way to make effort is through love for the One. When I remember Him with a lot of love, when I am merged in love, everything else becomes easy, letting go of the old world becomes easy.

When I let go of the layers, the masks, the old ways, I feel light and can fly. When I experience that liberation, I feel happy. The key is to experience it constantly.

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