Being soul conscious

Baba says, ‘you have to be very soul-conscious‘. This is of course our ultimate aim. It is our first lesson in this spiritual study and also our last.

I am a soul – do I simply know this intellectually or have I deeply realized this truth about myself?

Sometimes, we think being soul conscious is to simply remember that I am this point of light in the forehead. When we see others, we look at their forehead and think we are soul-conscious. This is however very superficial and yields little result.

I need to understand deeply what it means to operate as a soul as opposed to as a body. What does it look like to return to the essence? I let go of all my masks, my prejudices, my identities such as gender, role, nationality, religion etc. I realize that I am simply a child of God. And others are also children of God. We are all brothers, we belong to the same unlimited family of God.

When I realize myself as a soul, I don’t dwell on the negative, the defects, the shortcoming but instead focus on the original qualities of the soul. I touch base with my destiny. I learn to see myself in the whole cycle as opposed to my current state in isolation. I accept myself.

When there is self-acceptance, I start to accept others as well. I see their specialties as opposed to their weaknesses. Its not that I am naive but I simply don’t let a behavior sink into my feelings. When I practice this art of seeing only the positive despite the weaknesses, I elevate my own original sanskars and they become stronger. When I see the negative and focus on that, I elevate the old worldly sanskars within me. So really, seeing the good in others helps me more than it helps them.

When I am soul conscious, I don’t get entangled in the scenes of the Drama. If we were to reflect, how much time do I spend thinking and rewinding in my mind the criticism I received? or even praise? How long does it take for me to put a full-stop to the previous scene and move on? Do I spend time analyzing every little thing, rationalizing and justifying? Am I caught up in my own little dramas such that I lose sight of the aim, the big picture? Do I rule over my mind or does it rule me?

Being soul conscious helps me appreciate my eternity. We can be afraid of our own mortality, of death. But that happens when I think of myself as the body (and therefore all the attachments) which does have a shelf life. But I, the soul live on. Do I see my own eternity?

When I am soul-conscious, I am content. I have found that which I wanted- my own identity and the companionship of God Himself. I bask in the love of the Father, have the pure intoxication that He is an inextricable part of my life and my destiny. I focus on the most elevated task of transforming the world through my own transformation.

My contentment brings me happiness. It is visible through my vision, my face and my behavior. They all reveal the Source, The Father.

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