Knowledge and remembrance

Baba says, ‘knowledge and remembrance are two different things‘. Remembrance cannot be called knowledge, He explains. We think that when Baba says, ‘remember Me‘, that is knowledge but this is simply a direction given by a Father to the child, He says. Knowledge is what you study from a book or at school.

Knowledge is learning about the history or geography of the world, it is learning about the world cycle and how it turns. Knowledge is a source of income, when I learn something such as new skill or a subject, I can put it to use or teach it to others to make a living. Knowledge is expansion.

Remembrance is not knowledge. It cannot be taught, rather, it is something that is natural to the soul. A soul automatically remembers its parents, friends and as we grow up, the number of things we remember also goes up.

While knowledge is not remembrance, it is serve as the foundation. When Baba comes, the soul is completely degraded, has no recollection of who it is and has therefore a complete lack of self-respect. In that state, any remembrance is also degraded which is to say – wasteful, negative, sabotaging. Baba comes and pours the oil of knowledge into the lamp of the soul. He reminds us of who I am, Whom we belong to and the beginning, middle and end of the cycle. That understanding forms the basis of my remembrance – I now know what is real, what is true and disconnect from all the false, sabotaging beliefs about myself. I am able to touch base with my own destiny and connect with my Creator…I know Who He is.

When I am situated in the consciousness of being a soul and remember Him, I experience His love, His support, His companionship. Contrarily, I cannot connect when I am body conscious – I am too distracted by the expansion, the relationships, service.. whatever.. to be able to connect. Even churning spiritual knowledge, analyzing while useful to clarify my understanding is not remembrance. Remembrance is a return to the essence.

While knowledge will open or unlock the intellect, remembrance is what gives the soul power. It is what gives the soul experience, allows it to taste each point of the knowledge. While knowledge is the water that nourishes the garden of the soul, remembrance is the fire that burns away the weeds of past and present sins. I need both for the garden to flourish.

In remembrance, I feel light as I let go of everything in this corporeal world. As a result, I experience my own inner peace and tranquility. It is in this process of letting go that Maya interferes. She doesn’t interfere in the study of knowledge but she does when I try to remember. The accumulated burden of half a cycle of karma based on the vices try to pull me down. But the key is to not give up. As I keep chipping away, I realize my own truth more and more. With each step of realization, I accumulate more power and ability to let go. Let me be patient with myself.

Knowledge and remembrance are two different things, Baba says. They are like the two wings of the soul. It needs both to fly back home, to the Father.

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