A faithful intellect leads to victory

Baba says, ‘a faithful intellect leads to victory‘. Faith cannot be partial or be in percentages, says Baba. I either have it or I don’t.

We all believe we have faith in Baba but it is one thing to know or even believe but its a whole different thing to actually act faithfully, He says. When faced with situations where we have a choice to do something Baba’s way or in the old worldly way, we hesitate. It feels hard to let go of that promotion I worked so hard for -maybe I ought to talk to a few influential people. Its so hard to not get credit for that idea, it was ‘my’ idea. I spend time coercing the Drama to work my way that I think is the right way. I don’t trust Him or the Drama. When my actions don’t match my words, that is not faith.

Baba says, it is not enough to just have faith in Me alone. You need to have faith in yourself and in the benevolence of the Drama. A lot of times, when our position is challenged, we shake in our minds, ‘am I right about this? they do make a good argument…maybe I should be doing it that way after all?‘ or ‘if I am right, this should have worked. Maybe I am wrong..‘. Baba says, when I have a clear intellect, I will always know right from wrong, I will know I am victorious. When I imbibe Baba’s teachings, my intellect is purified. But when I think waste thoughts, it get clogged up. Let me always keep the line of my intellect clear and free of wasteful thoughts, questions, over-analysis etc., then it will automatically discern right from wrong. Let me then also have the faith and courage to act upon it.

When my motivation or intent is correct, I am already victorious, I am already successful. It may not seem that way outside but that’s okay. I have to decide what is more important to me – a clean heart that is the throne of the Father or a shrewd, cunning intellect that might get me noticed outside but ends up costing me Baba’s companionship. He is only moved by an honest heart and an honest heart will always know what to do.

Let me never think I am alone on this path. Sometimes I ask Baba for advice and hear nothing. That’s okay, He’s right there. Let me trust myself, His partnership and move forward. Let me have the firm faith that He will never let me fail. That is not to say that I will never make mistakes, no. It means that when I do, He will help me learn and move forward. That’s how I become experienced, fearless and unshakable.

Do I have the faith that the Drama cherishes me? When we are faced with difficult scenes, we can feel that the Drama just simply does not like me. But that’s not true. It always gives me multiple opportunities to learn – it starts with a whisper…when I don’t understand it and keep doing something the old way, it tells me a little louder…. if I still don’t hear or understand, I face something bigger that will get my attention. The Drama wants me to succeed, to transform my sanskars to Godly sanskars and until I do, it keeps teaching me the same lesson in different ways. Some I get right the first time, some, I learn the hard way. That’s okay. The important thing is to trust and keep learning without wasting time in fear, blame or regret. If I am fearful of falling, if I feel shame or regret, then I will never run. That is the ego at work, not faith.

The Confluence Age is a short window which is my only opportunity to transform my sanskars which in turn is the pre-requisite to transforming the world. I cannot do it alone and neither can God. Let me remove the self-doubt, the doubts about others, about God being present, about Drama being benevolent. Let me extend the hand of my intellect and connect with my own destiny, with my Father who is also my Teacher and Guru and with me at every step and be present fully to learn in every scene of the Drama.

God is on my side, time in on my side. There can only be victory at this time…am I in?

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