Know Me as I am

Baba says, ‘very few know me as I am’. Baba comes at the peak of the darkness of ignorance – His children have completely forgotten who they are or Whom they belong to. And there are many that claim to be gods and gurus further leading souls into the depth of darkness.

He says, there are so many opinions about Me, who I am and what I do. But you children can only know Me when I come and give My own introduction.

People think God ‘can do anything’ including ‘bringing back the dead’. Baba says, I dont come here to do that. That is not why I am called Almighty. I am referred to as Almighty because My mere remembrance can purify souls. Even if I could do bring back someone, if I did it for one, I’d need to do it for everyone. Then there would be no Drama.

Some think He can predict what will happen in my future and should therefore be able to let me know – Baba says, I am not psychic, there are enough people who do that, go to them.

There are people who think God is big and worship Him in the form of a large oval image. They think He is bright- as bright as a thousand suns. Baba says, I am your Father, I look just like you- a tiny point of light. My ‘bigness’ is not in size, it is in My conduct and in My task. I come to transform hell to heaven, establish the religion of peace and make you masters of heaven.

People correctly refer to Him as The ‘Remover of sorrow and Bestower of happiness’ but they don’t know how He does that. Baba says, souls call out when they are in pain or distress and say, ‘God, take away my pain’. Baba says, that is not how it works. I cannot simply make the pain disappear. Everything works according to the law of karma and each one has to settle their karmic accounts. What I do is explain to you the these laws so that you know the difference between right and wrong, and can manage your thoughts, words and actions accordingly.

But then many also say, God is responsible for both happiness and sorrow. Baba says, how can I be called the Remover of sorrow and also be held responsible for giving sorrow. There is so much confusion, He says. I don’t ever cause sorrow to anyone. I come to liberate you from the jail of sorrow that you have locked yourself into by fallin prey to the vices, He says.

Some people say, God gives and He also takes away. For example, when a child is born, they say, ‘this is God’s child’. If that child were to die, they cry and say ‘God took my child away from me’. First of all, says Baba, I don’t give children or take them away. Second of all, how is it that if it is My child, you cry when he’s gone. Why do you think of the child as yours at that point?

Some scriptures and mythologies show God as a violent God. Baba quickly dispels that myth. He is the Ocean of love and teaches us that non-violence is my primary religion. How can I kill or cause sorrow to my own children, asks Baba. I come to give you knowledge, to remind you of who you are. When you remember and change course from the old ways to the spiritual way – old habits will tempt you and try to drag you back. You will come face to face with your own demons, your negativity, your fears….tI teach you the way to fight back and overcome them through spinning the cycle of self-realization. The scriptures incorrectly show God as using a discuss to destroy souls- shown as His enemies. Baba says, I have no enemies. All souls of this world are my children.

People say, God inspires destruction and wars- Baba says, I don’t do that. Whatever happens is as per the Drama- the karmic interaction between souls and matter.

Another popular misconception is regarding the very timing of His arrival on earth. Scriptures say He comes at the confluence of the Copper and Iron age. Baba asks, did I establish the iron age? How can it be that I come and the world degrades further into darkness. I come to dispel the darkness of the iron age and bring in the light of the golden age. That is the confluence I am at.

Remembering Me as I am is the difficult thing, says Baba. But that is the effort. It is through Him that I learn about the Creator and His creation. The more I realize myself through the knowledge and His remembrance, the more I realize Him.

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