It’s a cycle

Baba says, ‘to be cheerful, make the lesson of ‘nothing new’ firm‘. We can be afraid to try something new – it poses risk and uncertainty. But things we’ve done before, we feel safe doing again- we understand the drill. The more times we’ve don’t something, the more comfortable we feel doing to again- it’s like we can do it in our sleep.

It’s nothing new…we say.

Baba says, remember that you’ve been through the cycle not once, not twice but countless times. Nothing that is happening this time around is new. So why be afraid!

The key is to remember.

Many of us go through our life engulfed in fear. Our minds are filled with ‘what if?’, ‘could it?’, ‘might it?’ kind of questions. It’s like we are waiting for the other shoe to drop. The worry shows on our face, the anxiety affects our mood, our health, our relationships…everything. We become slaves to our own mind which indeed is the venue where life happens.

Baba says, you have become self-sovereigns many times and you have lost it the same number of times. Nothing new! I am here now to help you claim it once again.

Every day Baba helps me remember who I am, Whom I belong to. He explains to me the beginning, middle and end of the Drama. He explains the cycle- which by its very definition repeats – it is cyclical. What is now at the top will be at the bottom and the bottom goes to the top. So yes, I was a self-sovereign once- it was when I was soul conscious. By the middle of the cycle, I forgot who I was and started to think of myself as the body and identified with everything that came with it – role, gender, nationality, status etc. At the end of the cycle, Baba comes to help me remember again, help me return to the consciousness of being a soul again, touch base with my true identity again – a pure divine being, a child of God.

It’s a cycle, it’s okay. It’s the way it works. What is up comes down, what is new becomes old….and then becomes new again. That last part is the best part of the cycle- becoming new again, back up again…it’s what’s going on right now.

It might feel a little hard, a little uncomfortable, a little dizzying as I go up – as I make those changes in my life, the world might push back, my own sanskars might rebel but Baba is right there with me. So let me not look at the scenes I am going through in isolation and think this is too hard, or that everything is bad, or live in fear. It’s just a little jerk as you move off the ground toward the sky…you’ve done this a million times, you can and will do it again. Nothing new!

Besides, the best views are the very top….

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