Become self-respecting

Baba says, ‘be an altruistic server‘. I can be that only when I am stable in my self-respect. It is only when I accept and respect myself that I can truly accept and respect others.

When I am discontent with myself, I can feel cranky, be easily frustrated and irritated by others. Sometimes, passionately so. We catch ourselves saying something like, ‘you know the one thing I cannot stand is dishonesty…I just simply cannot tolerate it’. Yes, dishonesty is clearly not a good thing but if I am feeling so passionately about something, it is time to check whom I am really talking about….them or me?

You must become soul conscious, says Baba. When I am, I operate based on my original values and when I do, my every thought, word and action is elevated. I start to respect myself again, I accept myself again and that brings contentment and happiness to the soul. When I am full, I don’t let others’ sanskars (traits) bother me. Quite to the contrary, I let things go, shrug it off. I don’t waste time judging, then pondering over it, then telling others about it, and everything else that comes with that territory. I naturally have the strength to accept others for who they truly are – realizing that the clumsiness, the flaws were acquired, not their own. I empathize…I’ve been there before.

Baba says, ‘become an altruistic server’. Give respect and love to others irrespective of whether they reciprocate or not. That requires enormous amount of self-respect and power. If I feel that I can only respect others if they respect me or that I will appreciate them if they first appreciate me, then that is ‘royal beggary’, says Baba. You are my child, an heir…not a beggar, says Baba. Why do you need respect or love? Become self-respecting and you will find that you can accept the whole world.

And that is an effort I need to make on myself rather than on others. And that’s good news.

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