Respect Him

Baba says, ‘The Father has come as your guest, you have to respect Him‘. Baba is ever pure but we invite Him into a very impure world. He comes to purify us souls and establish the new world…a world into which He is not invited.

So what does it mean to respect God?

Bhakti teaches us that respecting God means to bow down at His feet, adorn His image with flowers and jewels, chant His name, and go on pilgrimages. There is a mixture of love for and fear of God. And so there is a constant attempt to please Him.

Baba comes to remind me of who I am and of the fact that I am His child. He says, I am your Father…why do you worship Me? Relate to Me. To be able to relate to Him, I first need to know Him as He is, accurately.

Baba is incorporeal and does not have a body of His own. But while we cannot see Him physically, we have His Murli – the tangible form of God. Through the Murli, Baba tells me about myself and Himself. I understand how He operates, what He does and equally important- what He doesn’t do.

He says, ‘consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone’. In addition to the Murli which helps open the mind to God, to how He is, I have to also spend time with Him to experience His presence in my life. Baba suggests that I have all my relationships with Him – I experience His love and care as a Father, learn from Him as a Teacher and receive His guidance as a Guru. He also becomes my Friend, my Beloved, my Companion. The more time I spend with Him, the more I am able to relate to Him.

But often, Maya makes us forget. She turns our face back toward the old world and we get trapped in its many entanglements of name, fame, praise, position, status, bodily relations, responsibilities etc. In other words, I slip back and forth between being a soul and a body.

Baba says, but you are the ones that called Me to come and liberate you from this old world. So why then do you keep going back there? It is as if I invited a very important guest over to my house, someone from far far away, for whom I had been waiting a long time and when they finally arrive, I get busy with trivial chores around the house!

Baba says, only I can give you your inheritance, so why do you seek it in this old world that has become a graveyard? You no longer have to chase, stumble, fall and hurt yourself. I am here now and am telling you who you are, I am here to give you your inheritance of self-sovereignty – teach you how to think, speak, act such that you regain your self-respect. Isn’t that all that is needed?, He asks.

And so the key is to remember Him – by staying connected to Him through His Murli and by fulfilling (not just having) all relationships with Him. Let me listen to my Father, learn from my Teacher, heed the advice of my Guru, be a loyal friend and a loving companion to Him. Remembrance is the greatest hospitality. It is also the greatest respect I can offer God. He is here, in the home of my mind…let me be fully present with Him.

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