The language of thoughts

Baba says, ‘the language of thoughts is the most elevated‘. Souls are tired of hearing words spoken through the mouth, says Baba, they want to experience. That happens through the language of thoughts, the language of the eyes and the language of feelings.

We have to interact with various souls on any given day at various levels. Some, we live with. Others, we work with and yet others, we mingle with. Each of us is unique, we have our own personalities. With some souls, we simply click…it feels so easy. With others, somehow it just doesn’t work…it feels hard. Sometimes, we just have to be around certain souls and just the energy makes us uneasy.

Relationships are where we experience the most happiness and also the most heartache.

Often times, we don’t say the words but we think it. We know that Baba says that I must be tolerant and so I tolerate. No matter how the other behaves, we don’t say anything…we may even smile, say something polite. But yet, we don’t see any improvement in them or in the quality of my relationship. That’s because, we are not being honest. While we may be smiling, we are thinking ‘you are so difficult but that’s okay, I’ll be the bigger person..’, ‘boy, this is so hard. Some people never change…’, ‘it’s amazing how some people can be, they have no self-awareness….’ etc.

Thoughts travel faster than words and they create attitude and atmosphere. Souls immediately experience the negative energy coming from me and therefore, even though my words may be different, they experience the opposite. They say, the face is the index of the mind. The millisecond that I create a negative or critical thought about someone, it shows on my face, through my eyes. It reaches the other person. Its the same the other way too. If someone is critical of me and I take sorrow from it, it shows through my eyes and face. The atmosphere become heavy and it affects everyone around me.

The language of the thoughts, eyes and feelings speak louder than words, Baba says.

So what do we do…should I pretend I didn’t see anything or hear anything wrong? Should I be in denial? No. Baba says, it’s good to be knowledgful, to know what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. But when I am body conscious, I see the wrong behavior and immediately feel justified to take sorrow or be angry or critical. My sense of justice deceives me by convincing me that I am justified to feel badly. When I am soul conscious, I still see and hear everything but I don’t take sorrow from it. I don’t let it get into my feelings.

When I am soul conscious, I learn the important art of rejecting the sanskar without rejecting the soul. I see the bad behavior and I reject it but not reacting or responding to it. For example, if someone is angry, I don’t respond with anger. Doing so would give that sanskar energy. Instead I stay calm. Sometimes, its not someone else. I need to patient with myself as I learn and progress on this journey. I have to resist the urge to shame or reject myself.

I have to learn to see way Baba sees. When you think about it, He sees everything too. It’s not as if He doesn’t know what I am like. And yet, He refuses to engage with me at that level. He is adamant about seeing me with an elevated vision, my true self. And that vision and attitude is what enables the soul to feel immense love and respect.

Can I do that with myself and with others? Can I speak the language of thoughts, of the eyes and feelings? That’s compassion and it brings me closer to God.

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