You have to make effort

Baba says, ‘this is a study, you have to make effort‘. Whatever most people do today in this world is based on bhakti. We pray to the gods, we make offerings, we observe a fast, we perform rituals all in the hope that our life may be better. We say things like ‘Oh God, please let my child have a good intellect’. We think it is up to God and that if He makes up His mind, my wish will come true.

God says, ‘this is a study, there is no question of blessings or miracles‘.

I have to make the effort to have a satopradhan intellect. I have forgotten who I am, Whom I belong to i.e. my relationship with God. I think He is a being up above who is constantly watching and judging everyone down here. And that if He is happy, He simply grants boons. Baba quickly dispels that myth.

One of the first things Baba does when He comes to us is to relate the knowledge- reminding me of who I am, Who He is, that we are related. He also reveals the secrets of the Drama. Listening to the knowledge is the first step since it is what opens my intellect. It becomes the foundation for me to connect with Baba – I need to know the One with Whom I am connecting.

When I connect with Baba in silence, I experience His love and power. I then make Him a part of my life – in every relationship. He becomes my Companion, my Confidante, my Friend, my everything. That helps me get to know Him better, strengthens my faith in Him. Because I listen to Him, consult with Him before I do anything, because His influence is greatest in my life, I start to become like Him….like the real me.

That’s how it works, He shows us. Don’t ask me for blessings or miracles, this is a school, you have to make effort.

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