Renounce I and mine

Baba says, ‘renounce your I and mine‘. The two biggest obstacles in the spiritual path are the attachment to ‘I’ and ‘mine’. If you can renounce your attachment to these, you will find yourself free from bondages, it is as if you have released yourself from self-imprisonment.

For half the cycle, we forgot who we are and Whom we belonged to. We fell prey to the vices and it is as if they cast a spell on my intellect. I lost everything I had – my identity, my self-respect, my purpose, contentment, happiness…everything. It was as if I became an orphan wandering in search of meaning. I became convinced by Ravan that accumulating things is the way back. So my life’s goal became to invest in props like cars, homes, bank balances, rich acquaintances – the premise was that more of these I have, the more respect, meaning and fulfillment I would get.

Clearly, that didn’t work out as promised. On the contrary, it took me further away from myself and made me fearful and anxious about losing my props that are now my lifeline, my identity.

Baba comes and dispels that myth. ‘You are a soul, a point of light. Not the body’, He says. Stop identifying with the expansion that comes with the territory of body consciousness. You are My child, you are not your job, you are not a father, a mother, an engineer, rich person, poor person, actor, sportsperson, Indian, American, male, female or anything else. You are simply a peaceful soul, My child.

It relieves us to hear that truth. Oh, thank God, we say. So I have no need to attach myself to these material things, I simply use them for comfort and service. I don’t have to attach myself to my relationships, I simply accept them and love. We get it intellectually but we find it hard to practice.

We still catch ourselves saying things like ‘that was my idea’, ‘I did that’, ‘my responsibility’ etc. We’ve been addicted to hoarding and accumulating for so long, it has become part of our natural vocabulary. Rather than try to let go, it might be easier to replace with pure attachments- the only legitimate ‘I’ is ‘I am a soul’, ‘I am a child of God’. By spinning the cycle of self-realization, I see myself throughout the cycle and remember who I am. Similarly, the only legitimate ‘mine’ is ‘mine is One Baba’, ‘my Baba’. That reminds me of Whom I belong to. The only aspiration of the soul was to find The Father, it has…what else is left to ask for.

Renouncing the limited, crippling cycle of ‘I’ and ‘mine’ is my ticket to liberation from bondage and an experience of liberation-in-life. That experience is my birthright, my inheritance now and in the future.

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