He is my Guide

Baba says, ‘take my guidance at every step‘. In addition to being my Father and Teacher, Baba is also my Guru. Often times, we make ourselves alone. We think that Baba’s job ends with speaking the Murli each morning. After that I am on my own, fending for myself.

Baba says, ‘I am with you at every step‘. When I ask for His guidance, He offers it. Just as in this physical world, many people have gurus that they seek advice from before doing something new or when they see change coming- ‘What should I do in this situation?’, ‘should I be taking this on?’etc. – Baba too offers His advice.

He comes as The Purifier to make us impure souls pure again. In bhakti, when there is purification that needs to happen, the family usually organizes a yagya (sacrificial fire) and the guru advises them on what offerings they need to make to the fire. That is a memorial of this time. Baba comes and establishes the sacrificial fire of knowledge. That requires the sacrificial fire and offerings that go into the fire.

In every situation, when I have that choice to be the donor or hold on to the idea to claim credit for it, He advises me on sacrificing the ‘I’ and ‘mine’. When I think of myself as my job to the point of being fearful and anxious about losing it (because in my mind, that equates to losing all I have and stand for), He advises me to sacrifice the attachment. He reminds me that I am a pure, peaceful, loving soul. That I am a point of light, not this body. When I have that dilemma about helping someone move or pretending to not be in town, He advises me about what’s right.

As my Guide, He advises me at every step to ensure that while my task may be an ordinary one, my thinking is not. While I may live in this world simply, my thinking is high. When I am seated firmly in my seat of self-respect- of being a soul, a child of God, I do the same ordinary things differently. The same people I work with have a different experience. The atmosphere changes from body conscious to spiritual, the vibrations are of love and purity.

When I do falter at times at implementing His guidance, He doesn’t judge. He understands and offers a remedy. And when I do follow His guidance, my responsibility ends, He says. Don’t worry about the outcomes after that. Even if it seems that it might not have been a smart move, don’t fear, don’t get anxious. It is now His responsibility, He will handle it.

Baba is here with me, He is my Guide. Let me take His guidance and transform my life into a golden aged life. Let me free myself from the bondages of this old world and attain liberation-in-life. Let me offer all the impurities, the defects, the fears that come with body consciousness and rediscover me.

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