Remembrance is the canopy of protection

Baba says, ‘remembrance is the canopy of protection‘. As we go through the day, Maya comes to us in various forms – as waste thoughts, feelings of jealousy, competition or disheartenment, gossip etc. Engaging with any of these forms is expensive to me as it costs me valuable time, energy, not to mention changes my entire state of mind for the worse. The way to keep myself safe from Maya, Baba says, is through His remembrance.

When I go through the day and am engaged in various tasks, I encounter various souls- each with their own unique personalities and some with a shared history. Either way, I find myself wander off in my mind, thinking about what he/she said, why they said it, was it wrong/right, what someone else had told me about them etc. etc. Where I have a shared history, I go down history lane even before anyone even says a word- I start thinking about past interactions, wonder if they’ve changed, deciding if I should even talk to them…perhaps I should just leave…

Then other times, I find out that so and so was promoted and I start to feel jealous, victimized- how come everyone gets promoted except me…and they aren’t even half as talented! I see someone’s dress and think, ‘wonder where she buys her clothes, they look expensive…I need to upgrade my wardrobe…but can I afford it…’

Pretty much anything or anyone it seems can set my mind off on a spiraling journey to nowhere. That depletes so much of my valuable energy and time that at the end of the day, I am exhausted. Then I say, ‘Baba, I want to remember but I am just so busy and tired’. Baba says, if you remember Me, you won’t get so ‘busy’ and ‘tired’. Could there be some truth to that?

If I were to flip the way I go about my day, my experience will be flipped too. Rather than simply engage myself in a task, let me first remember who I am, Whom I belong to and Who has given me this task. Baba advises, ‘practice the incorporeal stage while moving around and practice the angelic stage when engaged in a task‘.

The bodiless or incorporeal stage allows me to simply be in the awareness that I am a child of God, with The Father. It stops me from thinking or analyzing or processing unnecessarily and simply lets me experience me and my togetherness with my Father. Being in the angelic stage means I am unattached to the task I am performing or to the people I am with. I simply perform the task as my duty to God and retreat inwards and upwards. I don’t wait for or expect praise or applause. I don’t worry about outcomes. I know that when I am performing Baba’s task, He is responsible.

This practice sets me on solid ground. Because I am taking those few minutes every hour to connect with my Father, I taste the peace, the love, the freedom that it brings me. I taste the elevatedness of my being. I touch base with my own destiny. I no longer wish to engage in limited thinking, in ordinariness, in the mundane, in that which is useless. I realize I have already attained that beyond which there is nothing more to be attained.

That feeling of attainment gives me contentment. And where there is contentment and happiness, there can be no Maya.

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