Follow Father

Baba says, ‘follow Father‘. Following is easy, He says. It’s something we are taught right from a young age- we learn to walk by following our parents footsteps, we learn to talk by following how they do it. When you follow, there is no confusion of ‘should I do this or that?’ or ‘is this right or wrong?’, you simply do as you see.

The only thing to pay attention to is Whom I follow- follow Father, says Baba, no one else.

ShivBaba is my Incorporeal Father and Brahma Baba is my alokik (spiritual) father. They both teach me different things.

I follow ShivBaba when it comes to making my stage soul-conscious. He is forever soul conscious and is in constant realization. He is therefore my my reference point for what being soul-conscious looks like. Yes, I cannot see Him but Baba says, you don’t have to see, you simply have to recognize and realize. The Murli is the most tangible form of Baba and reading and listening to the Murli gives me valuable insight into the mind of Baba. How does He think? how does He discern? how does He operate i.e. what are His sanskars? Following Him helps me realize my original, true self- a peaceful, loveful soul. A point of light. His child.

Brahma Baba was corporeal, a human-being like me. He too was a student, an effort-maker like me. He too was a householder with a large family and responsibilities before He came to Baba. Upon coming to Baba, he became the alokik father of an even larger family. No one had, has or will ever have as much responsibility as Brahma Baba, says ShivBaba. Despite all of the responsibility, Brahma Baba became the #1 student and the first angel of God. He gave himself 100% to God’s task, surrendered himself completely. He showed us by example, what it is to be God’s child, what it is like to be His angel even whilst in the physical form. His life is the ‘computer’, Baba says, that has the answers to all questions. There wasn’t a situation or a dilemma or a storm that didn’t come his way. So, just as how I search on the web for answers to questions, He says, all you have to do is look up baba’s life and you’ll know exactly what you need to do.

So let me make it a practice to remember and follow ShivBaba when I am moving around and to follow Brahma baba when I am engaged in a task. They teach me all I need to know – who I am and how I need to be. They show me the path back home- to my own dignity and self-respect. All I have to do is follow Father.

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