The Father and the study

Baba says, ‘don’t disregard the Father and the study‘. Sometimes, we can feel a false sense of security or perhaps, one would call it arrogance – ‘I am already Baba’s child, there is nothing more to do’. Baba says, it all depends on how well you study.

Just because I have come to Baba doesn’t automatically get me liberation or liberation-in-life. It doesn’t get me self-sovereignty, it doesn’t burn away sins, make me pure. All of that comes based on my effort. I become pure through knowledge and remembrance of the One. It comes from a deep realization of who I am, Whom I belong to and what I am here to do.

When I realize these truths, my thoughts, words and actions change. I approach everything with a different attitude and mindset. I transform from a taker to a giver. I transform expectations and judgments to mercy and compassion for myself and others.

That realization is the journey that we are on – a journey of introspection. In solitude, I learn to go inward and then upward to connect with my Father. He is my reference point, spending time with Him in remembrance and by reading the Murli helps me understand soul- consciousness – what it means to operate as a soul. Then when I go through the day, I can see when I fall off that track and can course correct.

With every change I make within myself, I contribute to the task of world transformation- I see that visibly because my change in behavior forces a transformation in behavior of the souls around me. My change in attitude transforms the atmosphere where I am – makes it spiritual from heavy and toxic. My ability to remain light makes others light and comfortable.

When I become an instrument of change through my being, I win hearts and minds which is to say, I receive blessings and good wishes. With every blessing, every attainment, I raise my level of fullness and thereby contentment. As I become content, I no longer feel the need to chase after hollow and limited desires or props, I no longer participate in the transactions of the old world directed by Ravan. I follow the direction of God and reclaim my world – the way it was originally. Where we were free, where peace was the only religion and sorrow was non-existent.

So yes, I am Baba’s child but my work doesn’t end there…rather, that’s where it begins. It’s where I embark on my journey with Baba as my Companion and His knowledge as light.

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