Light and Might

Baba says, ‘you need both light and might to win against Maya‘. Knowledge is light and remembrance brings the might. Often times, we are off balance when it comes to these two.

We might be good at understanding the knowledge and even speaking the knowledge but not so much at remembrance. Sometimes we think that since we love the knowledge, listen to the Murli every day…that counts as remembrance. Baba says, no. Knowledge and remembrance are two different things and help us in two different ways.

Listening to the Murli, understanding the knowledge opens up my intellect, it sheds a light on the cobwebs in the corners of my mind. I am able to discern right from wrong because now, I KNOW. It gives me a view into Baba’s mind, helps me understand how He functions, how He thinks and I can then use that as my reference to change my functioning and thinking.

But to bring about that change in functioning and thinking, I need power or as Baba calls it, might. That comes from remembrance. In solitude I touch base with my true self, with my own destiny. I connect with my Father and I experience a togetherness with Him. I am not thinking, or analyzing, I am just in the awareness of who I am and Whom I belong to. That peace and love and security fills me up. God’s love becomes the alchemy that transforms the soul.

Often times, the intellect may be able to discern right from wrong in a situation because it has the knowledge and yet, the soul is unable to act on that discernment. In other words, I know what I need to do but I find myself lacking the power to do it. I find myself instead slip into the old way, unable to fight that urge to retort, to criticize or show disapproval or judge. The thought was there but I was unable to give it power.

Baba says, you have to do everything while being yogyukt (an embodiment of remembrance). When I remember first and then do, I am able to control the outcome. This is why we start the day with early morning meditation to fill the soul with power that sustains me through the day. It is important to prioritize this time and try to never miss it- when I do, it is easy to feel powerless during the day. It is also important to take a couple minutes every hour to remember – who I am, Whom I belong to and what it is I am here to do. Remembering the aim helps to prioritize and put things in perspective. Is this what I want to be spending time on? Is this important enough to let it steal my peace and worry over? Is this thought or word or action taking me closer or further from my aim?

Those couple mins through the day ensure I don’t accumulate bad karma during the day, it ensures my heart stays clean and safe. No germs enter it, so to speak, in the form of bad feelings about someone, or hurt feelings or anything else. That ensures better quality remembrance in the early morning – the better the previous day has been, the better my meditation. And the better the meditation, the better my experience with God, the more powerful I feel.

So, listen to the knowledge, understand the knowledge…absolutely. But let me not forget to remember. It’s what gives the knowledge, power.

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