I am a soul, not a body

Baba says, ‘don’t be attached to this body‘. This body is perishable, temporary and attachment to anything that is temporary can only bring sorrow.

For half a cycle, we have been body conscious which is to say that I have identified myself as the body- my various masks included my appearance, gender, nationality, job, role, bank balance, my relationships. All of these are temporary- they change, they come and go and because I identify so much with them, with every change, I experience sorrow or happiness, ups and downs. My state of mind, my peace, my happiness, everything is dependent on what happens.

Baba says, that is the trap of Ravan. He rules over us by making us believe that these things are who I am and has us chase after them, fight over them, go to war over them and essentially leave us more peaceless and unhappy than we were previously. Everyone has their own opinion in Ravan’s world, says Baba and they fight over who’s right.

Here, there is only one direction, the most elevated direction- Shrimat– that comes from God. By following His directions, I become pure and elevated. I realize what is right and wrong, what makes sense and what doesn’t. And the direction He gives us every single day is – consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone. Because only He is truth and constantly in realization. Remembering Him connects me with the truth- about me, about this time, about the beginning, middle and end of the Drama. Remembering the truth brings me happiness because truth is imperishable, it is always there and never changes.

So Baba says, don’t waste your time with perishable, temporary things associated with the body. Return to the essence, touch base with your destiny and you will never be sorrowful again. So, let me use the knowledge to discern and remembrance to give me the power I need to change course. Let me connect with…me, the one that is imperishable. I am a soul, not a body.

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