Limited desires

Baba says, ‘become a conqueror of limited desires‘. Where there are limited desires, there is inevitably sorrow and peacelessness. Where there is purity and cleanliness in the heart instead, there can be no sorrow, only happiness and peace.

Limited desires come to us in many forms. (1) There is the desire of physical things in the world, (2) then there is the desire for limited things from people – name, respect, approval etc. (3) then there is the desire within fulfilling relationships that can take many forms – expectations, attachments, dependence (4) the desire within the intention to do service

Baba cautions, check yourself if you have cleansed your heart of the various types of desire. If I have my own limited desires, I won’t be able to help others be liberated from theirs.

Desires have a gravitational pull towards us- they pull the intellect in the wrong direction, away from God, away from itself, away from knowledge, from what’s important. But often we don’t realize it at the time. They trick us into thinking we are thinking, feeling and doing the right thing.

Sometimes, we see or hear someone do or say something nice and we are impressed. We then find ourselves subtly attached to that soul, thinking about them, following them, discussing about them etc. It is one thing says Baba, to see a virtue and make the effort to imbibe it and it’s an entirely different thing to be attracted to the soul. One moves me forward in my own journey and the other makes me lose my way.

Similarly in service, sometimes, we want to do something not because we want to serve but because we want to prove that we can do it. I feel compelled to ‘show what I am capable of’, ‘prove I can get this done’ etc. Baba asks, what are you going to prove to show? This study is not about proving myself, it is about being myself. Trying to prove how good or capable I am, how smart I am is a very limited way of this old world. It is not the spiritual way. Can I be a peaceful, loveful soul that has good wishes for all? Can I be a child of God that serves through my own transformation? Do my vision, my attitude, my behavior all convey an experience of belonging, of love, of kindness to everyone I interact with? Do they take away an experience of The Father?

In the name of relationships, we attach ourselves to others or try to impress others such that they become attached to us. Both take us away from God. Just because someone is related to us, we expect them to say and act according to our wishes. Or we are so attached that we sulk when they sulk, we are happy when they are happy. We expect them to complement us when in fact, at this point in the cycle, no one has anything left to give.

Baba says, check your intention, your motivation. Become clean and pure.

He is clean and pure. His love is clean and pure- it is not based on any motivations or expectations. It doesn’t change based on mood or my behavior. It just always is. He is who He is, no matter what. He doesn’t look around and try to prove Himself- ‘let me show the world who’s boss here’ or ‘let me prove that I am really God, that these others are fakes’ or ‘I have to have the most followers’ etc. That would be body consciousness and the Father is always soul conscious, always in realization.

He tells us too, all you have to do is consider yourself a soul and remember Me. The moment you forget is when you get sucked in by the gravitational pulls of limited things and desires. Return to the point, to the essence, He says, and liberate yourself and your brothers and sisters of the sorrow and peacelessness.

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