Only The Father can give the inheritance

Baba says, ‘only The Father can give the inheritance‘. A soul cannot give another soul an inheritance. As souls, we are brothers and the inheritance can only be given by The Father.

When I am in the consciousness of the body, I identify myself as a body and see others as bodies too. That means, I get caught up in the expansion that comes with it- I identify with the looks, the nationality, the bank balance, the power, the influence, role etc. That’s how I see and measure myself and others.

Because we see each other this way, when there is a need or a crisis in my life, I first think of a person that can help out. ‘Maybe I ought to speak to so and so..’, ‘let me ask so and so to put in a good word for me…’, ‘so and so is the VP at that company and might be able to help…’. We prioritize knowing the ‘right’ people and keep in touch with them because ‘we might need them’.

Baba says, remember Me alone.

In the Mahabharat mythology, Draupadi in her time of need, remembered and implored – not strangers but her husbands but they were unable to help her. They were certainly capable, certainly powerful, certainly present to witness her predicament but were still unable to help. At the very end after she had asked everyone around and their brother for help and received nothing, she remembered God. In that moment, she let go of everything here in this world through her intellect and only remembered the One and He came. Only He came.

We believe that we need to cozy up to the so called rich and famous, to the people in positions of power because they will look out for us, that they will be there for us in our hour of need. Baba says, ‘remember Me alone‘. A brother soul, no matter who, cannot know what I need and fulfill it. Only my Father knows the beginning, middle and end of my story and knows exactly what I’m going to need and when. He also knows how to get it to me. He says, ‘I can touch the intellect of souls‘. He will use someone as an instrument to deliver to me the exact thing that I need before I even realize it. I will meet the right person that can help, I will be at the right place at the right time.

So let me not make the mistake of remembering bodily beings. Let me remember the bodiless One, the incorporeal One. He knows how to get things done in this world of bodily beings, He knows how to take care of His children- the ones that depend on Him, that make Him their world. If I don’t remember Him, I won’t hear or catch His direction because I’m busy chasing after others. I need to make my intellect clean.

You don’t have to labor so hard, He says. Make Me your One Strength and One Support. Make Me your world, I am your Father and I am here now. Remember Me alone.

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