Merged in the Father’s love

Baba says, ‘become merged in the love for the Father‘. God’s love is alchemy, it makes the impossible, possible. I, the soul, can do that which I never thought I could do. It enters any soul that is honest.

Many ask, what do I need to do to receive Baba’s love? It’s not what I have to do, rather it’s who I need to be. And that is honest. Any soul in this Drama can experience happiness only through loving relationships. At this time in the cycle, I am advised to remember the One, don’t remember all the others. Why? Because love at this time is for purification of the old sanskars. And for that I need to connect with the only One who is ever pure- not good, better or best which is what humans are- but pure.

That connection happens in silence where I can experience the link, the love link with the One. To what extent am I experiencing this love link?

The barometer for this is my degree of change and happiness. Sometimes, I want to change very much but the sanskars linger on. Everything on the surface may be going right in my life and yet, deep inside I am unhappy or discontent. Let me check, am I truly, deeply connected with the One?

Love means to make equal, to give that which I have so that others might experience it too. Baba’s love transforms the soul and makes me equal to Him. He gives me the knowledge of the soul, of Him, of the Drama. That knowledge opens my intellect and helps me see clearly again, it helps me discern right from wrong.

But for self-realization, I need to surrender to the One who is always in realization. I do that firstly by fulfilling all my relationships with Him. ‘Mine is One Shivbaba and none other‘. As a Father, I experience belonging, as a Friend, I experience a closeness where I can confide my innermost feelings and know that He will listen and always speak the truth back to me. As a Teacher, His love teaches me how to be, what to do. As my Companion, He is with me every step of the way. Let me experience His partnership.

As I go through the day, let me pay attention to my thoughts, words, attitude, actions. Do they cause hurt or sorrow to myself and others? If they do, I will not be able to connect with Baba. Every time I try, that sorrow will get in the way. If others criticize or misbehave, let me pay attention to not internalize it and dwell on it. Let me learn to let it go else, that gets in the way of that sacred link with God. I will find myself complaining or sulking rather than connecting with God. I will find myself seeking mercy rather than experiencing love.

This is the auspicious confluence age, the only time when I have direct access to God. He is in bondage to me, He is here and part of my destiny. His love is the purest love that the soul can and will ever experience. Let me not deny myself diamonds by being caught up with stones.

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