Passing all four subjects

Baba says, ‘you have to pass all four subjects‘. In this spiritual study, we have four subjects – knowledge, remembrance, inculcation and service.

When I have a firm foundation of knowledge, I am able to have quality remembrance because to remember, I first need to know why and what to remember. When I have remembrance, I build the power to imbibe the points of knowledge. It makes its way from my intellect to my character. When my character is transformed, my very being automatically serves.

When I am weak in one, chances are I am weak in all four. Baba says, ‘don’t think that it doesn’t matter if I am weak in 2 or 3 subjects since I am good at 1, no. In order to pass with honor, you have to pass all four subjects’.

Most of us understand the knowledge, we even teach the knowledge but we don’t experience the knowledge. It remains as points in the head. This is because there is a lack of remembrance to realize each point that I’ve heard. Many times in a situation, my intellect discerns correctly and knows what is right and wrong but I go ahead and do the wrong thing anyway- I criticize or judge or say something rude anyway. Why? because I was unable to give the thought power. And that power can only come when I learn to have quality remembrance.

We know this and we even sit with the intention to remember but when after a couple minutes, we don’t yet have the experience we expect, we get impatient with ourselves and give up. Clearly, I can’t do this…but I know something I can do well…service. I know how to do that task really well and so I get busy with that. We often substitute service for remembrance but it is not the same. In fact a task or a karma without remembrance is not really service. It is simply a task. To serve, my vision, my feelings, my attitude have to radiate spirituality. Anyone that comes in contact with me or even sees me from a distance should have an experience of spirituality, receive an introduction of their Father.

Yes, it is good to do physical service…it does give happiness to a lot of people but it doesn’t transform me, it alone doesn’t help me realize myself. In remembrance with the light of knowledge, I touch base with my own destiny and with my Father. I realize who I really am, a child of God – I don’t just know it but I experience it and that works to change me. My manners, my demeanor, my attitude, everything changes.

Baba says, when you imbibe divine qualities and then do even an ordinary task, it becomes extraordinary. That is how I serve. Service is a direct consequence, it’s not a specific task I need to do. Is my stage angelic or do I still wait to hear the applause when I do something good and sulk when there is criticism? When I’m walking and moving around, is it easy to situate myself in the stage of being an incorporeal soul like my Father or do I still think of myself as my role, my gender, my position..?

Let me look inside today in the mirror of truth – am I really soul conscious or simply action conscious?

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