Step out of the rubbish

Baba says, ‘I rescue you from the refuse bin and make you beautiful’. Sometimes, little infants or children are found in the refuse area and they are adopted by new parents. The children grow up thinking of the new parents as their real parents.

Baba is our real Father and that relationship never changes throughout the cycle. He leaves us children to play in a safe, beautiful world- in heaven. After a while though, we get so engrossed in the game that we even forget who we are, Who our Father is and where home is. We think the playground is our home and make it our aim to win in this game that we find ourselves playing for no apparent reason.

When it gets to be evening, Baba comes to take us children back home but finds us covered in rubbish, playing a very different game from the one we were in the morning and completely worn out. He finds that we don’t even as much as see Him or recognize Him and even when He calls out for us, we are too caught up to heed His calls to return home.

The rubbish that we are covered in is body consciousness. We see everything through that and therefore don’t see anything clearly. We think we are the body, forget we are souls. We think we are defined by our roles, our professions, our gender, our bank balance, social circles etc. We forget that we were playing with each other to have fun and instead begin to make deals, have hidden agendas, compare and compete. Soon, we stop having fun and start to argue and fight. We get into debates about right and wrong, win and lose, up and down etc.

Baba comes and washes me clean. He reminds me of who I am and that He is my Father. He helps me see the game for what it was an what it has become. He reminds me that it is now time to return home.

But it’s not just me alone that needs to return. When I start to see clearly again, when I remember, when I realize what has and is happening, I help my brothers and sisters see the truth too. I help clean them up and take them to the Father so they remember too. Soon, each of us reminds each other and the playground of the world and the game is restored to its original state.

That’s the journey we are on. He is here and He is showing me the way. Let me listen, step out of the rubbish and return to my original dignity. Then, let me do the same for others.

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