The old, the new and the confluence

Baba says, ‘remember the difference between the old world and the new world‘. This is the auspicious confluence age. It is the only time when we can see both sides – the old world that we are living in the midst of and the new world that we are helping God establish.

Every day, Baba tells us about the differences between the two worlds.

  1. the old is based on body consciousness, the new is based on soul consciousness
  2. the old has many religions, the new has only one religion – peace
  3. in the old, everything I do is wrong karma because it is based on some element of body consciousness or vice. In the new world, everything I do is neutral karma- it’s neither good or bad, it just is.
  4. the old world is full of sorrow, in the new world, no one will know the meaning of sorrow. There is only happiness and peace.
  5. in the old world, the rich think they are in heaven and the poor think they are in hell. In the new world, there is no confusion because there is no contrast. Everyone has abundance, prosperity.
  6. in the old world, respect is based on accomplishments and judgments. In the new world, everyone just naturally respects and appreciates everyone else.
  7. in the old world, currency is paper, homes are built of wood or mud or stone. In the new world, there is no currency- people just exchange things and homes are built of gold and diamonds.
  8. in the old world, brothers fight and kill each other over property. In the new world, there is love and everyone has enough.
  9. in the old world, people rule over people. In the new world, the emperor and empress don’t rule, they instead care for their people as their own children.
  10. in the old world, there are many false gods, gurus, saints, priests etc. In the new world, there is no need for gurus since I am already in salvation, I am experiencing the fruit of my effort done now in the confluence age.
  11. in the old world, I seek advice from so many people, in the new world, I will be knowledgeful and have no need for a ‘cabinet of ministers’.

hey, but not all is bad in the old world! It is only now, in the whole cycle, that I know God and experience a direct relationship with Him. He is my Companion, my Teacher, my Friend. I won’t have that in the new world….

yep, so we definitely don’t like the old world. We certainly want to establish the new world…but I wouldn’t mind staying with my Companion a little longer in the confluence…

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