Transforming feelings

Baba says, ‘transform feelings to transform relationships‘. Feelings create attitude and attitude creates the atmosphere. Our feelings are based on our relationships – if they are pure, my feelings are pure too, else they often get toxic.

I, the soul, have the capability to be so pure but I can often also be sensitive, so easily shaken. There isn’t a better indicator of my spiritual progress than my reaction to people. If I reject someone, or if I hold a grudge, if I can’t forgive, it has very little actually to do with the other person and what they did to me. It just shows that I have impure, degraded sanskars. They are simply the instrument that are pressing the buttons in me to show me something about me.

Sometimes, I have preferences – I like you but I don’t like you etc. I am happy if my preferences are met and I sulk or disapprove if they are not.

When I develop pure sanskars, I naturally see good in other people. I am merciful and compassionate if others make a mistake. I don’t judge or criticize or blame. I accept this world family as my family and stop seeing people as you vs. me.

When I follow the path of truth, I see myself and what I need to do better or different. When I am under the influence of body consciousness which is to say falsehood, I blame others for all my problems. Someone else is always the reason for anything that goes wrong.

Baba says, become soul conscious. When I do, I operate from my original sanskars of the soul. I connect inward first, then move upward and link with my Beloved Father. I touch base with my destiny, I recognize and realize who I am, Whom I belong to and the remember the divine task I am here to do.

With that energy as my foundation, when I step into the world, I radiate good wishes and pure feelings naturally- I have attained that beyond which there is nothing more to be attained. I am content. And we know from experience that when we are especially satisfied with something, nothing anyone says or does matters. I am able to easily let it go. But when I am displeased or discontent, anything trivial can set off a tantrum. At that point, because I am weak, I merely reflect other’s feelings back to them. If they are angry, I get angry too. If they cry, I cry too.

Let me check today if I am stepping into the world each day radiating the right energy? or have I left myself vulnerable such that all I do is reflect back other’s sanskars? My relationships are a big part of my contentment and happiness. And for beautiful relationships, I need to show up with the right feelings and attitude.

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