Increasing my remembrance of The Father

Baba says, ‘increase your remembrance‘. Many think that since we have come to Baba and accepted Him as our Father, there is nothing more to do. Baba says, ‘you have to remember Me with a lot of love‘. Just knowing does not equate to remembering.

It is hard to remember something that is invisible, anything that is subtle. Baba is extremely subtle. He is also invisible. But He says, you don’t have to see to believe or see to remember. You just need to recognize and realize. Sometimes we use the word ‘yoga‘ and Baba says, this is not a ritual where you have to sit down for an hour, light a candle and meditate. You have to remember…just as you would someone you love. We don’t meditate about them, we remember them throughout the day as we are walking, eating or going about our chores.

Remembering is one of the most natural things that we do, I just have to choose what to remember. Today, Baba cautions us, you remember Me only very little, you remember your job, your bodily relationships a lot more.

We engage in various interactions throughout the day with different people. Some go better than others – people still manage to trigger feelings whether good or bad within us. We still cringe at their flaws, are impressed by their skills, judge their demeanor, copy or critique their style. We analyze what they said and why they said something. We process our own life constantly wondering why I said that, why I feel the way I do, where I’d rather be, what job should I be doing etc.

Baba says, you spend so much time thinking and analyzing and processing when all you have to do is remember Me.

In no murli has Baba asked me to be the perfect engineer, the perfect mother, the gold medalist Olympian, or deliver the perfect speech. He does tell us every single day to remember.

For that I need to build up the power of introspection which is even the basis for the power of silence. By learning to look inward, I touch base with my own truth- who am I? I realize that I am not a label or a style or a job title or a role. I am a divine being, an energy….not matter. I also realize what type of a soul I am. I realize my true self, my original self which is what I am returning to. I do see the gap due to the wrong turn I took mid way through the cycle but I don’t dwell on it. I see it and I focus on changing it.

So the question then is not, ‘what did they do?’, ‘why did they do it?’ or endless dwelling on ‘why do I feel this way?’, it’s about this has happened or I have just realized this about myself, what do I do next? what is the newness I need to bring? Baba says, you spend way too much time being surprised about the old behaviors in yourself and others. Check it, yes. But don’t be stuck there. Swiftly move on to changing it.

To make that change, I need help. Only God can provide me that help. He sees my determined thought and matches my tiny will with His enormous will power. He offers me personalized tips, references, ideas to aid me on this journey of transformation.

In introspection, after I go inward to connect with myself, I go upward to connect with my Father. His company gives me the love, the power I need. His love becomes the alchemy that brings about transformation. I cannot make this journey alone or with other bodily beings.

‘Remember Me alone’, He says. This confluence age is a time set aside for the return journey, for purification of the soul. Let me recognize the auspiciousness of this time. Before I came to Baba, I didn’t even know of this special time or it’s significance. I do now and so let me not waste it by using it like I did before Baba – by remembering and therefore, feeling and doing the wrong things. Let me remember the things that are true and therefore imperishable – my own fortune and The Fortune Maker.

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