Bring newness

Baba says, ‘this confluence age is the age of congratulations‘. Whenever there is something new – be it the new year, a new purchase, a new degree, a new job etc., there are always congratulations given. Baba says, in this world, people give congratulations for that moment or that day, they forget about it the next day. I give you congratulations constantly for every thought, every second. You have My congratulations for bringing the new world closer.

Newness always draws congratulations. So, what newness will I bring in this confluence age?

Many think of new service programs – new, bigger workshops, seminars, lectures, a bigger stage, more people, travel to new places..the like. Baba says, it is great that you want to bring newness in service but the way to do that is not through new workshops, it is through bringing a newness in your stage. When your stage becomes elevated, service will also become elevated, He says.

Bring newness in every thought, feeling, action. Bring newness in your attitude and in your relationships, He says. Maybe I thought the wrong thought this second, maybe it was a thought of jealousy, comparison, competition, criticism..whatever. That’s okay. Let me make my next thought elevated- let it not be one of shame or guilt, let it not be another negative thought that takes the first one further. Let me check and then, immediately, change.

Let me check if my feelings are elevated. Maybe someone did something disagreeable…it is good to be knowlegeable, says Baba, and know what is right and wrong. But don’t let the feeling take root in your heart. Let it not make your mind toxic, He says. Make yourself so strong, so powerful that the attitudes, behaviors, feelings of the outside don’t affect you but rather your elevated thoughts and feelings radiate outward and transform the atmosphere.

So every second, make your thought more elevated than the one before, make your effort faster than it was before…keep flying.

Sometimes, Baba says, you don’t think or say anything negative but you waste a lot of time in just ordinariness. You spend an hour just in ordinary, inconsequential chit-chat. Even that becomes a barrier in improving your stage. He cautions.

Become someone who is able to give an experience to other souls, not just someone who can speak all the right words, He says. People are tired of hearing hollow words, they even say- ‘this is good knowledge’, this is an elevated task’ but they don’t become influenced enough to feel that ‘I too want to change’. That is the stage you have to get to such that others too feel inspired to change seeing you. They must not become impressed with you, rather they must want to come close to the Father and claim their inheritance, He teaches.

So let me celebrate every second of this auspicious confluence age by creating newness – in every thought, word and deed. Let me experience the flying stage and inspire others to fly with me to the Father.

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