Being honest

Baba says, ‘keep the daily chart of your progress‘. Every good businessperson keeps an account of how the business is doing – how much profit did they make and how much they lost. You too are spiritual business-people, Baba says, and so you too should keep your chart.

The key aspect of keeping a chart if about being honest with the self and The Father. In the chart, I record how I did during the day- did I think the right kind of thoughts, did I have the right attitude, did I perform right actions? Were they becoming of divine beings, children of God?

Many become careless, He cautions. They think since they belong to Baba, there is nothing more left to do. That just coming to Baba will get them into the new world. Yes, it will, He says but what will you do there? Just as when you study hard, you get a higher rank and a better paying job..similarly, here too when I study now, make the effort to transform and become elevated, I will play an equally elevated part in the cycle.The cleaner my intellect becomes, the easier it becomes for me to discern right from wrong. The more useful I become to God who can use my intellect to serve others.

There are only very few who are truly honest with themselves and Me, He says.

Baba loves every child but there are those for whom He has regard in His heart, He says. And those are the honest children. It takes courage to own up to mistakes, to mis-judgments, to defects and be honest with the Father. Many don’t tell Me because they feel embarrassed about what they have done, He says. That is also body consciousness. Unless you have the courage to own up, you deny yourself help and true change. The more you deny or put something off, the more it festers and harms the self and others.

Practice writing your chart daily before going to bed, He says. That will help keep you alert throughout the day since no one wants to have a bad chart. When a child is honest, I uplift them by giving them courage, love and practical steps to take to overcome the hurdle or defect. For every step of courage they take, I match it with a thousand of Mine, He says.

Many children ask- what should I do to experience God’s love? God answers that Himself. ‘It’s not what you have to do, it’s who you have to be…and that is honest’.

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