When I serve the world, I serve myself

Baba says, ‘dedicate yourself to service‘. When you serve the world, you automatically serve yourself.

About half way through the cycle, I forgot myself. I fell prey to the vices and got entangled in a web of deception rooted in the belief that I am a body. With that came the identification with gender, appearance, nationality, job level, social status, bank balance etc. I chased after people and possessions all in the hope that they would make me happy- the more the better, I thought.

But the thing is- physical resources are finite and we are many. And so the competition began. If I want something, it means I need to get it before you do. I might even have to sneak something away from you- well, that’s how it works right? The survival of the fittest…it’s nothing personal…I am just better, I deserved it, I was smarter, I won…

I forgot I am a soul, not any ordinary soul, I am a child of God. It takes Him to come down Himself and remind me of that eternal truth. He reminds me of who I am, of Him and shows me how I slowly lost every last thing I had because of one wrong belief. ‘Consider yourself a soul‘, He says daily, ‘you are not a body, you take on a body to play a part in the Drama on this physical stage‘.

When I remember I am a soul, my nature is spiritual. I realize that I am alive when I give. That’s my true nature- to look out for my brothers and sisters, to give to them. When I was taking through cunning and force, I was going against my very being, I was wounding myself. No wonder, I didn’t find fulfillment or happiness.

But despite knowing the truth now, I still can find it hard to change old habits. I still hear that voice hold me back, ‘why do you need to do that for them, let them figure it out. It’s not like you are getting any credit for it’, ‘just worry about yourself, if they are having trouble, that’s their misfortune…not yours’, ‘you need to do what you need to do, don’t think about what it might do to others, they are not your problem’….

That’s body consciousness rearing it’s ugly head again. And so the effort if to remember.

I remember that I need to give to receive. I need to give to grow. The more I give, the more I receive. So it’s not an option…it’s a requirement. When I genuinely help someone else with my expertise or by just lending a hand or a shoulder or an ear, I am the first one to benefit. I experience contentment and receive blessings. That is what sustains the soul, makes it alive again.

Even if I am alone, let me ensure I have pure feelings and good wishes for all. That is service. When I am going about my business, let me remain in remembrance such that my eyes, face, behavior all radiate the contentment that comes from knowing who I am and Whom I belong to. That will inspire others, introduce them to the Father and to their rightful inheritance. I might not even know it but I receive blessings and good feelings back.

It is impossible to not move forward when you serve, says Baba. When you serve the world, you serve yourself.

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