Studying for the new world

Baba says, ‘you are studying for the new world‘. This is an old world.

We come to Baba and we are intoxicated. We have come to God, He is my Father, He is The Almighty Authority. Now my life is going to be a bed of flowers because He can make anything happen.

Then I find that actually my life is the same, nothing changes. Its the same struggles, same responsibilities, others still seem to have it better than me. How can that be? I am supposed to be winning, I am supposed to get what is ‘rightfully mine’ finally! Isn’t that what a Father is supposed to do and this is God, no less…

Baba says, ‘I come to teach you for the new world‘. This world is old, it is Ravan’s world, nothing here is yours. It needs to come to an end and a new world needs to be established.

Actually, it was once the new world and then I was free, happy, content. Everyone respected everyone else, peace was the only religion. I was pure then, I was soul conscious. Then about half way through the cycle, I forgot I am a soul and started to think of myself as the body. And that was the undoing that pushed me into the clutches of Ravan, the vices. Because I became impure, my world also became impure.

Now, I have to become pure again so that my world can become pure and beautiful again. That’s what He is here to teach me. He teaches me the pilgrimage of remembrance.

Consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone‘, He says. That is the only approach to become pure. When I become pure, that is, when I become soul conscious again, I will begin operating from the qualities of the soul. My manners, my behavior will become divine, benevolent. I will touch base with my innate nature of peace and stop searching for it outside. The more I stay connected to my truth and to my Father, the more powerful I become, the more confident I become.

Then, when I step into the world, I will do so with a very different perspective on what’s important and what is not. The outcome becomes less important than the journey. The winning holds no meaning, my relationships with others do. Climbing up the corporate or social ladder seems hollow, climbing up the spiritual ladder becomes a priority. Why? Because I find that aligning with my truth is what finally makes me peaceful, content and happy- not for a fleeting second but deeply and permanently.

So let me not deceive myself anymore into thinking that I will find contentment here in this old world through accomplishments, gaining name and fame or approval. Instead let me partner with Baba to create the new world through transforming myself. He is here to help make me a self-sovereign – then, I will be truly in control of every thought, word and action and therefore in control of every outcome.

It starts with me and it starts now, in this confluence age when God comes to lend me a hand.

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