Purity is the basis of peace

Baba says, ‘the basis for the new world is purity’. Its a new world, everything there is new.

Baba comes when the world that He created has become completely old and degraded. For half a cycle, the world was heaven, then it descends into hell. The basis for hell is the five vices rooted in body consciousness. I forgot who I was, started thinking of myself as a body rather than as a soul. With that came lust, greed, ego, jealousy and all the rest. At this point in the cycle, the world is immersed in them and needs to be transformed completely…once again.

Only God can enable this transformation from hell to heaven, from degraded to elevated, from old to new. It is based in purity.

God comes as The Purifier. He says, you called out to me for half the cycle to come and purify you, to liberate you from sorrow. I am here now.

He comes to find His children lost, wandering, searching for just a little handful of peace, for just a moment of calm and contentment. He finds us seeking and searching, going from guru to priest, from temple to church looking for it. He found us performing rituals, penance, going on pilgrimages, observing fasts etc. to please Him so that He would mercifully grant us a little bit of peace, a little strength to get through the day/week/month.

He comes to find His children begging.

‘You are my child’, He says to me and introduces Himself as my Father. You are a soul, just like Me. All the things you are looking for – peace, happiness, contentment, love- they are all within you. Stop looking for it outside. These are your innate qualities, He says, just like Me.

But you are unable to access them because you have buried them under layers and layers of falsehood- false beliefs about yourself, shame and guilt accumulated over long period of time, conditioning, etc. You, the soul, are weighed down by this heavy burden that you now have to release yourself from. Give the burden to Me, He says.

I do that through remembrance.

I first step is to move inward to situate myself in my reality i.e. the consciousness of a soul, then I move upward and connect with The Source, my Father. His love is the alchemy that heals and transforms. He shows me the true me, He shows me how elevated I am, how innocent and pure I am. He tells me the truth about me, not the false lies that made me believe I was insufficient, that I was lacking, that I was a failure or that I was a sinner….

Have I made mistakes in my past? Absolutely. But the way to repent for them is not by descending into shame or guilt and burdening the soul. Instead it is by realizing my mistake and transforming myself such that I become a service to the world. He helps me, in silence, to see my defects but also gives me the strength to change them.

I shed all the acquired layers and become light. I am able to touch base now with the real me- the truth, the elevatedness. I am not a beggar, He says. I am His heir.

I am here to help you reclaim your lost inheritance, He says. Peace, happiness, contentment, love – they are all yours. You claim it by becoming pure. So, consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone.

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