Remembrance brings transformation

Baba says, ‘the basis of transformation is remembrance‘. Knowledge is easy, it is in remembrance that Maya creates obstacles.

Even a child can teach the course, says Baba. Anyone can give a lecture. But to attain the inheritance, you need remembrance. This is because I need to become pure from impure to claim the inheritance and purification happens in the fire of remembrance.

But Maya creates obstacles in remembrance.

When I try to remember Baba, all of a sudden there are thoughts about other people- what happened at home or work that day, what someone said or did, even things that happened years ago comes up. More often than not, it is things I don’t like about myself and others that come up like walls and block my connection with Baba.

The trick is to not give up which is what Maya would want me to do.

Instead let me be patient with myself. When I lose concentration, let me gently bring my mind and intellect back to Baba. I do that enough times and my intellect with get the message about what is allowed and what is not. It will get easier. It also helps to have an aim before I sit down for meditation- something about Baba I want to understand better, something about the Drama or the cycle….that helps the intellect focus.

Then I slowly let the scaffolding fall and simply connect with my Father. I learn to simply be with Him- experience this togetherness, His closeness. Experience my relationship with Him. That connection with the Incorporeal One fills me with power because it reminds me of who I am – that I am separate from the body, that I am an actor on this physical stage, that I am an instrument of God, His angel. It lets me relax in my home, with my Father, experience that peace.

But I cannot sit in meditation all day long. For most of the day, I am engaged in activity and Baba says, by all means, shoulder your responsibilities….but remember Me. That should be natural – to remember the One you love irrespective of what you are doing. My hands are doing the work but my intellect is connected to Him. Speak to me with a lot of love, He says. I am your Friend, your Companion, your Beloved.

And that is really the seed for remembrance- to have all my relationships with the One. When I do, I spend time with Him, His thoughts fill my mind, He becomes the primary influence on the soul. I start to make changes in myself naturally not because I was told but because I was inspired. I become gentler with myself, more merciful, more compassionate – because He is and He shows me that I am special and elevated. The more compassionate and accepting I am with myself, I more I accept others. The world around me becomes better, easier.

I stop blaming because I don’t feel like a victim anymore.

I feel I naturally belong…to me, to Him, in the Drama. I realize my part and rather than be confused by it, I step into it. I let go of roles, labels, masks, the falseness that I had learnt in the old world – I unlearn it and learn to be myself- a peaceful soul, a loveful soul. I become an embodiment of these qualities that are innate to me. I radiate a joy and contentment that draws others closer to the Father, to claim their inheritance.

I need the knowledge to understand the Creator and His creation, to receive His direction, to learn about my own story but when it comes to applying the direction in my practical life to bring change- that requires power that can only come through remembrance. It’s what purifies and heals.

I don’t give you any difficulty, He says. No matter where you are, what you may be doing, His direction is simple. He says, consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone.

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