This is Rajayoga

Baba says, ‘this is Rajayoga‘. This is a study to become a sovereign, not a subject.

When you think about the great kings that have been, you find that they had certain defining characteristics that set them apart from the public, that made them kings. Firstly, the awareness of who they are and the responsibility they shoulder. Secondly, courage….to face anyone or anything. Thirdly, a clear intellect to be able to discern and take quick decisions. They had many more virtues of course, but these three seem to be a standard across them all.

Baba says, ‘you are studying to be a sovereign, not a subject‘. Have I imbibed the defining characteristics?

Baba comes at the end of the cycle when I have forgotten who I am and have been taken captive by the enemy Ravan (the vices). He comes and reminds me of who I am, of my lost sovereignty. He reminds me of the world I had once lived in, the one He had created – then, I was free; peace was the only religion and happiness and prosperity were all around. He inspires me to claim it back. ‘You wear the crown of responsibility‘, He says. Through your own transformation, you transform the whole world.

Remember who you are, He says.

In the beginning, as I am still trying to stand back up on my feet, He offers a lot of grace….perhaps one could call it His mercy. I find things are easy, He’s always there helping me simply glide through. But then, the scaffolding needs to fall off and I have to start walking again. He slowly steps back a couple steps and encourages me to walk on my own. Yes, there will be storms. There will be tests along the way…every day. But that’s okay. Let me remember who I am and Whom I belong to. Let me not run away afraid, or tell myself it’s too hard or get disheartened or call out to my Father for mercy like a bhagat. I am a sovereign, I am a child of The Almighty Powerful. I have nothing to fear.

The key, He says, is to keep the line of your intellect clear. Then you will know exactly what to do.

He is the intellect of the wise….the wise being the souls who recognize God who comes to meet His children in an ordinary form. There is no pomp or show, there is no lightning or thunder, there are no bells. I come simply, He says, and you children recognize Me as your Father. You are wise.

But then, let me not keep wandering back into the old world.

I start each day listening to Baba’s teachings but then let me sustain that energy and awareness. Let me not allow my intellect to get busy with gossip, wasteful ‘what ifs..’, worries, anxieties, comparisons, jealousies, strategizing and other forms of hustling. ‘Where there are matters of the old world, The Father is not present‘, He says. Let me seat Him on my heart-throne instead. Let me allow my intellect to be touched by Him and Him alone such that every thought is elevated and exact. When there is no clogging, I am able to see things as they are with the third eye of my intellect and take the right steps.

Here, you have to make effort and give yourself the tilak of sovereignty‘, He says. There is no question of mercy. If this was based on mercy, I wouldn’t become a sovereign. To become a sovereign, I have to build up my own spiritual power and learn to rule over my mind and intellect. I need to take charge of my world as opposed to wait for someone to hand it to me.

I am always with the children‘, He says. ‘For every step of courage you take, I match it with a thousand-fold of Mine’.

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