Replace your attachment

Baba says, ‘let go of attachment‘. This is the vice that holds you back from crossing over to the other shore.

For half a cycle, we have received our contentment from people and things. We attached ourselves to people, in other words, thought of them as extensions of us, expected them to love us, to respect us. We attached ourselves to our job, to our degrees, to our badges and trophies as a way to gain approval and fame. I even went as far as identifying myself as my roles because I thought that’s who I was. And I hustled.

In all fairness, we did get some temporary fulfillment from them. We did get a little security from them…albeit false. Baba comes and tells me who I am- reminds me that I am a soul, that peace, happiness and contentment are all within me. He tells me that all the things that I thought defined me are in fact temporary and false. He asks me to let go…to let go of all of it.

Is it easy?

Perhaps it lies is in the approach I take to letting go. Perhaps as human beings, we cannot actually conquer attachment as much as we can replace it with something else. It is like a little kid who holds on to his favorite toy, you know the one he ‘can’t be without’….until he is given a new toy which then becomes the new thing he ‘can’t be without’. Or even adults, if we were to reflect on our own experiences, we attached ourselves to a certain job or a project until we found something better.

In the Confluence Age, I meet my Father, my Beloved after a long separation. He makes Himself available to me 24/7. He becomes my Companion at every step. I experience His unconditional love and support – the purity that the soul longed for all this time. He not only cares for me, He also teaches me and shows me the path as my Guru. I recognize His purity, I know what He speaks is the Truth.

Let me now replace my old attachments with the false…with my new attachment to the Truth. Let me not deprive myself of this experience.

He says, ‘if you remembered the Father as much as you remember all the other things in your life, you would be able to cross over to the shore of the new world’. You see the new world, you know about it and yet, you insist on remembering the old world, on engaging in activities that bring you sorrow. You continue to live a life based on fear and anxiety brought about as a result of your attachment with temporary things that you falsely believe will bring you success and happiness. That which is temporary by definition cannot be true. That which is not true only brings you sorrow.

Let go, He says. Do I have the faith that He will catch me when I do? or am I afraid that I will fall?

He says, ‘I guarantee that you will reclaim your inheritance, your lost sovereignty‘. Now, He says, ‘consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone‘.

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