Being in the awareness of the Confluence

Baba says, ‘this is the confluence age‘. This is the time to burn away sins and become pure.

‘This is the most elevated confluence age’, says Baba. I become elevated by following the elevated directions of God Himself. He comes only at this time in the cycle to purify souls and take them home. Only He can take me back home because only He knows the way back. There are many self-proclaimed gurus and pundits in the world who claim to have the knowledge of everything. But they cannot take souls back home because they don’t know the way- if they did, they’d go back themselves.

This is the only time in the whole cycle when you ascend as opposed to descend.

This is the time when the cycle turns, when the old becomes new again. When the degraded becomes elevated again. It can’t happen on it’s own. There is a new player in the Drama who comes at this time to make the change happen. He is God. The only Soul who remains outside the cycle of birth and death, who remains beyond the elements and the influence of the vices. He is constantly in realization, never corrupted.

It is His time in the Drama now. And with Him, mine too.

He reminds me of who I am, Whom I belong to and what my purpose is now. I come to re-establish the golden aged world, He says. That’s how it used to be in the past, it is how it will be again in the future. Now, the present, is when the change happens. You are all my helpers in this task, He says.

This is the only time in the cycle when I have such an elevated role as God’s helper, as His angel.

The old world still exists, it is all around me, I live in the midst of it. But I have the confluence in my awareness. I know that even though I live in the old, I am working on creating the new. I am transforming myself based on God’s direction, emerging my virtues that got buried deep within me. As I emerge them, the layers of acquired sanskars based on the vices that had collected above, start to fall off. As I change, the world changes too.

‘You are on a journey’, He reminds me. It takes time to get to the other shore.

Sometimes, the journey can feel daunting when deep rooted, sanskars rear their ugly head in front of me. But He reminds me, ‘you’ve done this countless times before. You will do it again. This is nothing new’.

The trick is to always remember that this is the Confluence age. Then, I will automatically remember the fact that the new world is coming, that I am about to reclaim my inheritance, my lost sovereignty. I remember the Father, that He is here with me. It is only when I forget the time I’m in that I start to see only the old world around me and feel disheartened and defeated.

To be aware of this time is itself a great blessing’, He says. When you do, you remember your birthright – happiness.

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