Don’t become careless

Baba says, ‘don’t become careless‘. When you waste your time, you are being careless.

For half a cycle, I have lived a lie thinking of myself as someone I am not. I am a soul, but I identified myself as my body. Because of that very foundational mistake, I spiraled downward losing everything I had to the vices. By the time Baba comes, I have virtually no self-respect left. Completely bankrupt, I call out to Him to come and liberate me from the sorrow and pain. I ask Him to take me back home.

Now, He is here. He is The Purifier and this short time of the confluence age is the time for purification. An impure being cannot make another impure being pure. Only the Ever Pure, God Himself, can make the souls pure again.

So He says, ‘consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone’. Remembering anyone or anything else of this old world will make me further impure and cause me further sorrow.

Turn your vision toward the new world, He says. It is what we are helping Him establish. The more I remember my purpose the more I keep myself busy with fulfilling it. I also remain happy because I visualize what the new world will be like when it is ready…much like when one thinks about a new house that is being built. I remember all the things Baba tells me about it- everyone is free, peace is the only religion, there is natural beauty, there is harmony between nature and souls, sorrow is non-existent, there is prosperity all around for everyone.

Then I remember that He tells me that I have to become that now – a peaceful and happy soul. When I am able to become the person that is able to access peace and happiness that is innate to me even in the midst of chaos, in the midst of impurity, then I usher in the new world. I understand this truth deeply and I focus on transforming my sanskars.

But when I allow myself to become careless and waste time – reading the endless chain of news, for example, I take sorrow. This is Ravan’s world, most of the news is negative. While I need to be aware, do I need to do a deep dive into every topic? Similarly, do I spend more time looking outward – at what others are doing, saying, how they are behaving? Because when I do, my mind inevitably goes into judgment, comparison, jealousy, criticism etc. What do I gain from this?

Don’t become careless‘, says Baba. ‘Spin the discuss of self-realization, not other-realization‘.

Let me look inward….not at my defects – that would be careless; but go deeper and touch base with my elevated destiny that Baba reminds me of every day. Let me remember my inheritance – the new world. Let me remember and spend time with The One who is my eternal Companion who is taking me there. He is The Ocean of Love, The Ocean of Happiness, The Ocean of Peace. When I remember Him, when I spend time with Him, those are the qualities I access and experience. That helps me emerge my own peace, happiness and love.

Wouldn’t that be what I’d want to be doing rather than become careless and go looking for negativity and sorrow? Why, when I can plan for the new world, would I waste any time critiquing or judging the old world or worse, subjecting myself to its pain? It doesn’t matter…it’s old and coming apart. Let me work on building the new one quickly and then I can go live there….you know, happily ever after…

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