We are both invisible

Baba says, ‘both the soul and the Supreme Soul are invisible‘. This is something to be understood.

This is a very unique school, says Baba. Here, both the student and the Teacher are invisible, you cannot see either with your physical eyes. Baba is incorporeal, so am I, the soul. But unlike Him, I take on a body to act out my part on this physical stage. A soul cannot express itself without organs and so the body is the costume it dons to do so.

About half way through the cycle, I forgot I am the soul and started to think of myself as the body. That one false identification then led me to don multiple false identities – gender, nationality, relationship, role, status, etc. That inevitably led to sorrow and I called out to Him to liberate me from it. Baba comes at this time to remind me of who I am – a pure, peaceful soul; His child. He comes to liberate me and take me back home and for this to happen, He needs me to shed all the false masks, the layers and return to the original consciousness that I came to this world in. I can only return the same way I came- as a pure soul.

He gives me a simple, unique direction: ‘consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone‘.

Baba is of course extremely subtle, He is also invisible. After a half a cycle of gross, body consciousness, it is harder to remember something that is so subtle. Baba says, you don’t have to see to believe or to understand. You simply have to recognize and realize. The daily Murli is the most tangible form of Baba, it gives me insight into who He is – how He thinks, how He operates. When I listen, it is the soul that is listening through the body. I the soul then internalize the teaching, apply it in my practical life and change my habits and behaviors. When I see positive change come about, my faith builds. I continue to listen, to check and change. And my faith in myself, in my Teacher and in His knowledge grows.

It’s not just my Teacher that is invisible. My Father and my Guru are too! given they are all the same Soul. Yes, He is invisible but He is real, He is a living, sentient being just like me. As I sit in remembrance in the early morning hours of nectar, I am able to connect with Him…my Father. It only happens when I first situate myself as a soul – it is a soul to Soul connection. A live wire cannot connect with another wire that is wrapped in insulation – it needs to come off, then there are sparks. Then, as I go through my day and I have choices to make – I once again retreat inward, go into a moment of silence and I hear His voice guide me through it all.

I, the incorporeal soul with the help of my bodily organs, am listening, learning, interacting and going about my activities. I connect with my Father, Teacher and Guru who is the Supreme Soul and is also incorporeal like me.

‘Learn to see yourself as detached from your body’, He says. You are independent of it.

It doesn’t mean that I walk around like a disembodied soul or that I introduce myself differently. It just means that I have now shifted my consciousness, it means that I am now aware of who I am. Accordingly, my thoughts, words, actions and my attitude are all shaped by this awareness.

This is a unique relationship…this one between the soul and the Supreme Soul. We are both invisible but we share the purest, deepest and only true relationship in the cycle. It is a bond that cannot be affected by time or geography or distance…it is eternal. He is always my Father and I am always His child.

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