Become a holy swan

Baba says, ‘become a holy swan‘. A holy swan means one who is able to discern very clearly the difference between a stone and a jewel and then imbibes that.

A swan intellect, Baba says, is one who always has elevated and pure thoughts for every soul. It discerns the intention of each soul, and adjusts accordingly. When I take time to understand their intention, know what they really mean, I will not be influenced by their ordinary and wasteful nature.

A lot more time is wasted when I consider wasteful and wrong things of myself or others to be right. “What I said is the right thing” . Because of not having the power to discern, the power of the mind, of time and words all go waste and conflict is created.

If there is waste, there cannot be anything powerful, says Baba.

Waste repeatedly brings you down. Powerful thoughts enable you to experience a meeting with the Father and also make you a conqueror of Maya. Waste thoughts finish your zeal and enthusiasm. Then you are always confused about “Why?” and “What?” Waste thoughts deprive me of constantly experiencing the treasures of all attainments. My needs and desires are very high: “I will do this.  I will do that.” I am quick to make plans because the speed of waste thoughts is fast but because of not being powerful, I cannot make the thoughts practical. Then, I become disheartened. This is why you remain disheartened with yourself over trivial matters, He says.  

For example, when someone tells me something, I hesitate to take it at face value. Instead, I find myself searching for an ulterior motive that often does not exist: ‘Why did she compliment me? I bet she didn’t mean it’, ‘I bet someone said something to her about me’. Then, without my knowing, the next time I meet that person, I view them with suspicion and my words and actions reflect that. Many relationships are damaged because of misunderstanding created by waste thoughts. Other times, I let the ego get out of hand. I am asked to be part of a project that I think is beneath me. The waste thoughts come fast and furious – I associate my worth or value to a project. That leads me to make the rash decision: ‘I must leave’, ‘I will show them’, ‘I will start my own this and that..’. Either it doesn’t pan out or if I do go my separate way, I find that the new environment is no different. Why? because ‘Surprise! it was never them, it was me’.

Waste thoughts are like a bamboo jungle, says Baba: one automatically grows from another and they rub against one another and catch fire and then burn themselves in the fire they themselves create. In the same way, one wasteful thought rubs against another wasteful thought and creates a fire of one vice or other and causes you distress. Therefore, slow the speed of your thoughts, He says.

Those who have powerful thoughts will have their thinking and doing match. Their thoughts will be of a slow speed and they will be successful in their actions. Waste thoughts create an upheaval like a powerful storm. Powerful thoughts, like spring weather, constantly make you fresh and fruitful, says Baba.

Baba says, you die alive from the old world and old habits at this time. The basis of dying alive is pure thoughts.

I am not a body, but a soul – this one thought changes me from a stone intellect into a diamond. I am a child of the Father, I am an heir, I have all rights – this thought makes me into one with all powers. This is your treasure, this is your energy and these are your thoughts, He says. Spinning the cycle of self-realization makes me happy and helps me touch base with my own elevated destiny.

So let me check today: are my thoughts and words pure and filled with blessings? Do I speak words that are sweet and elevated? If not let me transform myself remembering that transformation of the self becomes transformation of others. This is called dying alive, this is the great sacrifice. In this dying, there is living, there is the true donation of life.

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