Being non-violent

Baba says, ‘the main qualification of greatness is non-violence‘. Bharat is the only country that is non-violent.

It is Bharat alone that has never snatched anyone’s kingdom away because in reality Bharat is non-violent. It was Bharat alone that was the master of the whole world. All the others came later and took pieces of land. You have not taken over anyone. The Father is making you people of Bharat into the masters of the world. 

You claim your kingdom through non-violence‘, says Baba.

The Father can never make you commit violence, there is no question of war, He says. This is the spiritual army. While in the world, people destroy so many with just one bomb, Baba teaches us to remain in unlimited silence. The more preparations they continue to make for war, the more noise they make. There is upheaval in destruction. Baba comes to establish the new world, His is the task of establishment, this is done in silence, within oneself. When the new is established, the old falls away automatically. There is no question of violence. ‘You are claiming your inheritance from the Father with the power of remembrance’, says Baba. By simply remembering the Father, I receive the sovereignty of heaven.

People believe that God gives happiness as the return of happiness and sorrow as the return of sorrow. ‘To give or receive sorrow is an act of violence‘, says Baba. They attribute everything to Me but I never cause sorrow. I return home having granted you happiness for half the cycle. You receive happiness or sorrow as a result of your own karma.

No one knows what non-violence is‘, He says. He comes at the confluence age and teaches me how to be doubly non-violent.

‘Lust is the greatest form of violence against the soul’, He says. This is because lust causes the soul to fall from its completely satopradhan (elevated) stage and be killed. It causes the soul to come down from the original virtuous form, to lose all it’s power, to forget. It is as if the soul committed suicide.

To give sorrow to another soul or to accept sorrow is also violence. If someone’s words can cause my stage to fluctuate or vice versa, that too is violence. When I come to Baba, I receive a divine intellect, a divine conscience, a Godly conscience. If under the influence of Maya, if under the influence of the dictates of the minds of others, under the influence of bad company, or under the influence of any situation, I suppress my Godly conscience, it is as if I killed the Godly conscience. I killed the divine intellect. Then I cry out and say: ‘I didn’t want to do it but I did it. It happened against my will’. This is killing the Godly conscience, says Baba.

To speak lies, to steal, to cheat or to deceive is also called violence and is a great sin’, He says. If after coming to God, I use or adopt the sanskar, nature, words or feelings of the old Ravan’s world, it means I steal the things of Ravan and I can only cause violence through them either toward myself or toward others. In the same way, if I say that I am a trustee; that everything is Baba’s but think, speak and act under the influence of the consciousness of ‘I’ or ‘mine’, then I am lying. I say: ‘I will eat with You, sit with You, fulfill all relationships with You alone’ but then I am constantly busy with ‘life’ and other relationships. This is also a lie, says Baba.

‘Always remember, mine is One Baba and no one else‘, He says.

The greatest deception of all is to deceive yourself, because even though you know about it and accept it, you still divorce yourself from elevated attainment. You experience sorrow by sabotaging yourself. Sometimes, we hide our weakness and externally glorify our name or try to prove ourselves as good effort-makers- this means you deceive yourself and the family too, says Baba.

So doubly non-violent doesn’t just mean that I don’t hit someone or go to war. In Baba’s world, it means to be a pure charitable soul, a great soul. So let me check myself today: to what extent have I adopted the most elevated stage of the soul?

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