‘Drama’ is the exit, not the entrance

Baba says, ‘you do have to make effort‘. It is wrong to say that the drama will inspire you to do whatever you have to do. Those who think this way will not be able to make progress.

The unlimited drama is the interaction between souls, the Supreme Soul and matter. We souls have a part throughout the cycle- we come down, when it’s our turn, from the soul world, to play our parts from the beginning through the middle to the end. God, the Supreme Soul, only comes at this time to give us knowledge and take us back home. While He is here for a short time, His part is the most elevated. He comes and makes the old world new.

This drama, Baba explains, is unlimited and imperishable. Everyone in this is an imperishable actor. The whole world is the stage! The wonder of this drama is that it is pre-destined and yet, evernew. And so many get confused and think that since it is predestined, they don’t have to make effort. They say: ‘the drama will inspire you to do whatever you have to do’ or ‘if it’s in the drama I will definitely do it. If I have that part, the drama will make me do it’.

This is the wrong understanding of the drama‘, says Baba.

If I am thirsty, I still have to make the effort to go, get a glass of water and drink it. I cannot simply sit and think: I will drink if it is in the drama. Until the scene has occurred, it is new. Once it has been shot, once it is in the past, then, it is drama.

The right way to think of drama is almost like an emergency exit gate. I don’t use it until I need to. And knowing it’s there is a comfort.

I go about my life, enter every scene paying attention to how I show up – my thoughts, words, actions. Baba has reminded me of who I am and has given me Shrimat for everything – how to think, speak, act. My effort is to always align with my truth..in other words, to be soul conscious. The Shrimat helps me in this effort, protects me from my tendency to go off track as I continue to progress. But sometimes, despite my best effort, best intentions, the outcome is not what I expected it to be. Then, I don’t fight it, question it, sulk about it. I take the exit, I say: drama.

In doing so, I show my trust in the Drama. I understand that the drama is not good or bad, right or wrong…it’s perfect. If something didn’t work out as expected, then there is a reason there. I might not see it now, but I will in time. I don’t have to have all the answers right away, I don’t spiral into waste thoughts, I move on…out of that scene…through the exit gate.

In this way, I am both inspired to make effort and I am also carefree.

This is also how God does it. He doesn’t simply sit back and say: well, they will change if it’s in the drama. He makes tireless effort on each child. We don’t understand His teaching immediately, we continue to make mistakes, some children even leave by falling in the trap of Maya. God doesn’t feel stressed or question the drama, He trusts the drama. He doesn’t wonder if the old world will ever become new…it will, it has to…it’s in the drama. He and us, our job is to simply continue making effort.

Is the drama making you move or are you making the drama move?‘, asks Baba.

I create the scenes of the drama with my thoughts, words, actions, with my attitude, my energy, my face, behavior…in fact, my attitude even creates the atmosphere around me. As I continue to become pure and powerful on the basis of becoming an embodiment of knowledge and remembrance, I will become more aligned with the drama. I become more in control of how things move. When I see the changes in myself, in the way I handle scenes, I will not have any doubts of whether the new world is coming or anything else. I KNOW it, I SEE it, I EXPERIENCE it. I will develop more and more faith in the Drama, in how it works, in what’s coming. I will feel a sense of authority.

Simply continue to make effort, says Baba. There is nothing to be confused about.

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