Godly helpers

Baba says, ‘you children are my helpers‘. Without My helpers, how would I be able to establish heaven?

Baba comes at the end of the cycle when souls are crying out in despair, for mercy, begging to be liberated from sorrow. You have forgotten who you are and Whom you belong to, He tells me. You are a pure, peaceful soul…all the things you are looking for , you already have within you, He says. I am your Father, you belong to Me, He says. Then, He tells me my story of my lost inheritance – the world was different at the beginning of the story, it was heaven, peace was the only religion, happiness and prosperity were abound. When you became degraded by falling prey to the vices, the world became degraded too. Now, I have come to re-establish heaven.

I raise my hand and sign up to help in this most elevated task. When God comes, I become His helper with whom God Himself establishes a kingdom. A kingdom by definition means that there is one king who sets the rules that everyone abides by. There’s no listening to multiple opinions or advice.

Baba says, ‘I only establish the kingdom of heaven, I don’t rule it. I make you the masters of heaven. I make you such that you don’t need to take anyone’s help. You won’t even need to take anyone’s advice‘. 

Remember Me and follow Shrimat‘, He says. Remembrance makes me pure and Shrimat makes me elevated. I lost the kingdom when I became impure and degraded. The help I provide God is to become pure and elevated again.

The awareness that I am God’s helper automatically enables me to remember God. I remember both the Father and the task simultaneously.

While moving along my journey of self-transformation, I experience obstacles along the way. Baba says, ‘check yourself. Are you moving along as a helper or do you remember that you are God’s helper?’

The obstacles typically take two forms: arrogance and insult. Either I think, “I did this”, and am arrogant about it, or, I think, “Why wasn’t I placed at the front?” “Why was this said to me?” and feel insulted. When I have the awareness of being God’s helper and the Father is Karankaravanhar, then there is no more arrogance or feeling of insult. Always remember: “I am God’s helper”, He reminds me. Do not think, “I did this”, but think, “God did it through me”.

Always remain combined, He says. When you become separated from the Father, you experience an easy thing to be difficult.

Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed by or afraid of the sanskars or the situation and start thinking: How can I move? how can I do this? Baba says, when you are the Father’s helper in His task, why are you carrying the burden of responsibility? When you carry a burden, you will be unable to reach your elevated stage, He reminds me. Therefore continue to follow Shrimat even at the level of thoughts and you will become free from having to labor.

In other words: stop wasteful thinking! Thoughts are the seed to everything else. From there then comes the words, the actions, my attitude. Even my face and behavior reflect my thinking. Baba’s direction is: the Father’s thought should be your thought. Your every thought, your every word and your every deed should be equal to those of the Father, that is, according to this Shrimat.

It is said that the soul is like a rocket, it can fly as far as it wants in a second. Come and sit next to the Father!, He says, then, your thought power will not run wildly unnecessarily. The only task that Baba has given you is to sit next to Him – nothing else! You understand that this is very easy but, because you take back the reins of your intellect after having given them to the Father, you then have to make unnecessary effort to control your mind, He explains.

Then, there are times when I listen to the Shrimat, I understand and even agree with it but then because I still have one foot in the old world, I mix the dictates of my own mind with the Shrimat: Yes, I agree that I have to be truthful. Yes, I agree that I shouldn’t be caught up in ‘I’ and ‘mine’ but that’s not how the real world works! Here, one has to market oneself, talk about awards and accomplishments, show off what is theirs…that’s how you move up. And then, inevitably, I get lost…again….in the same hustle that was causing me sorrow.

Because of being mixed up, you become heavy, says Baba. Real gold is very light, but when anything is mixed into it, it becomes heavy. Similarly, Shrimat, the most elevated directions, makes me light, but when I mix my own dictates into it, I become sorrowful and thereby, heavy. You then find it difficult to continue to move along, He says.

Baba says, a Godly helper is one who always remains engaged in the task, that is, in the service, that God the Father has given him. While carrying out a task, I would never forget the One who has given me that task. Even if I may be doing something physical, that physical service is a task given to me by God. And so, Baba says, always remain aware that the Father gave you that direction directly, that you are doing it according to the Father’s directions and then, you will never forget the Father.

So, the way to have remembrance easily is to constantly consider yourself to be a helper of God, He says. Then, in addition to becoming pure, you become carefree emperors. You are able to fly and remain happy. In other words, by default, every task is already successful for the children who serve with God.

Just always remember this title of yours: Godly helper, He says. Never separate the two words and then service will automatically be filled with God’s magic. Then, old becomes new, hell becomes heaven.

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