Baba says, ‘you are now becoming jewels of contentment‘. Contentment comes from attainment.

Those who are content, Baba says, would be cheerful because they would be an embodiment of all attainments. Then, I experience a sense of fullness, there is nothing lacking anymore. I was lost and wandering for half a cycle, I lost all I had to body consciousness and in bhakti. Now, the Father has given me the awareness of who I am, of Whom I belong to and my inheritance. He is here to help me reclaim my lost sovereignty. I, the soul, have found my lost identity. I, the soul, have now re-connected with my Father. I now belong. There is nothing more the soul wants beyond this union with the Supreme Soul. And so, contentment is the practical proof of knowledge. 

Contentment frees me from spinning the cycle of the limitations of “mine and yours” and makes me into a spinner of the discus of self-realization. I always experience the right to Baba’s heart-throne, easy remembrance and the zeal for world transformation.

“The One who is getting everything done is getting it done and I am just an instrument performing that task.”. Just this thought makes me carefree. He is responsible, I just have to be co-operative. It puts an end to any questions about why something did or didn’t happen, it puts an end to feelings of arrogance or insult: why wasn’t I placed in front? or why did they say that to me?

When I am content, I automatically attract service opportunities to myself. I don’t have to ask for them. Contentment allows me to harmonize easily with other’s sanskars and become free from negative thoughts. I am not afraid of anyone’s sanskars because I become unshakable. I am unshakable because I am full, there is nothing lacking that can trigger insult or jealousy or insecurity or competition or comparison. I have everything I need or want…I am here to give. And thus, contentment is the way to remain constantly set on my seat of self-respect. It makes me a great donor, a benefactor, a bestower of good wishes and blessings. Because of this, everyone wants to have me on their team.

Contentment is the donation of life, it is the easy way to progress in spiritual life. When I am content with myself and the family, the family is content with me. When I follow Shrimat, Baba says, I cannot become unhappy, you will always remain content with yourself and your efforts. If I am experiencing sorrow or a little heaviness, then I have stepped outside the code of conduct somewhere or the other. When I am obedient, loyal and faithful, Baba is able to trust me with His service. These are the three types of contentment- I am content with me, Baba is content with me and the family is content with me- for me to feel truly content. Through these you can make your present and your future elevated, He says.

No matter what happens, contented souls would never let go of their specialty of contentment- it is their breath, their source of happiness, zeal and enthusiasm. Contentment is the special virtue, treasure and special decoration of life. Let me embody it such that the personality of contentment would be visible in my eyes, on my face, in my expression and my activity. Let me sparkle as a jewel of contentment.

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2 Responses to Contentment

  1. Eva says:

    Having reciprocal love for God is the greatest gift of life❤️All things are possible❤️Dreams do come true❤️

  2. M.G.Padmasree says:

    Fabulous!!!!! Innate Churning Thank you BABA and these dedicated Souls of Knowledge 🙏

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