Charity ends sin

Baba says, ‘the pure world comes when sinful souls no longer remain‘. Check yourself in the mirror of your heart, how much charity have you accumulated?

One is to give a donation and the other is to perform charity. Charity has greater importance than a donation, Baba explains. An act of charity is an act of altruistic service. An act of charity is never superficial, but it is done from the heart. A donation can either be superficial or from the heart. An act of charity is an act in which I become co-operative with souls at a time of need, that is, I am useful to them.

The vision and the attitude of a charitable soul give others the experience of blessings. The sparkle of satisfaction and contentment is constantly visible on the face of a charitable soul. Because of the fruit he has claimed, a charitable soul is constantly beyond arrogance and insult because that soul is an emperor who is overflowing. They are a carefree emperor beyond arrogance and insult. A charitable soul uses the power of his charity in his every thought at every moment of upheaval and in every action in a worthwhile way.

To have elevated feelings and elevated good wishes for any soul is the greatest charity. No matter what any other soul may be like, whether that soul is opposing me or is loving to me, the charity I perform as a charitable soul is to transform the soul who is opposing me with the treasures of elevated feelings. This is charity…it is to carry out a task of enabling a soul who lacks something to attain that thing. When an opposing soul comes in front of me, I see that soul as someone deprived of the power to tolerate.  Then with my accumulation of good wishes and elevated thoughts, I co-operate in making that soul attain the power of tolerance.  This becomes an act of charity for that soul. What I don’t do is take sorrow from their words or behavior. Then, I am no longer in a position to perform charity…I need charity.

A charitable soul constantly considers the self to be a bestower, a child of the Bestower. I remain beyond any desire of temporary attainment from any soul and even beyond taking anything from anyone. Such a soul doesn’t have limited desires such as: I will give when they give. I will do once they do something. Because of being a child of the Bestower, he would be a charitable soul who gives everyone love, co-operation and power.  A charitable soul never has any desire for praise for the charity he performs, that’s limited and besides wouldn’t be charity in that case. This is why in giving he is always as full as an ocean.  

So, how do I become a charitable soul? By imbibing the jewels of knowledge and inspiring others to do the same. When I transform every point to an experience, make it part of my natural nature, I automatically become a charitable soul because I naturally give wherever I go, I cannot help it….my very being serves. To imbibe knowledge, I need power that comes from remembrance of the Father and my own elevated destiny: who I am and Whom I belong to. And how do I know I am accumulating charity? waste finishes.

When I am a charitable soul, I am automatically and constantly performing charity for the self too- the most obvious way is by the fact that my thoughts, words and deeds are pure and positive. I don’t give anyone sorrow but don’t take sorrow either. Such a charitable soul claims sovereignty.

In addition, a soul who performs charitable actions receives blessings from the hearts of many souls. They don’t just say “Thanks” with their lips, but the attainments of blessings from their hearts are accumulated in an incognito way. A charitable soul overflows with the instant fruit he receives from God’s blessings and blessings from souls. This is called tapasya (penance), says Baba. Such tapasya is what becomes the basis for world transformation. I have to usher in the new, pure world…it is not going to come by itself. Baba has said that it cannot come until there is still sin being performed. But what if, there is so much charity that it outweighs the sin? When each of us becomes the charitable souls, then through our tapasya, through our influence, the name and trace of sin will end. 

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  1. M.G.Padmasree says:

    Awesome Angels
    Can you kindly post about Powers Deities powers correlated with soul’s energy.
    I will be ever grateful to you as I am teaching values to children to create proper foundation of Spirituality

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