Don’t be delicate

Baba says, ‘to be delicate is body consciousness‘. You have to tolerate happiness and sorrow, respect and disrespect.

Sometimes, we can be like a touch-me-not….extremely sensitive and delicate such that even a mere touch can make it contract it’s leaves. That’s not the way to be, says Baba, you have to be an embodiment of power.

I become sensitive or delicate when I come under the influence of anything but the Father. When I am soul conscious, I don’t want anything other than my connection with the Father. But when I am body conscious, I allow myself to see/hear/think things that are useless and wasteful. Then, I am influenced by those things and before I know it, my attitude and feelings, my face and behavior are all a reflection of it.

You have to transform yourself from being fragile and become one who shows wonders, says Baba.

Sensitiveness or being delicate shows up typically in interactions: I don’t want to talk to her, I don’t like him, I can’t work here, I don’t know how to do this, this is not convenient for me etc. etc. I have so many preferences when it comes to people or things and unless they are met, I feel as if I cannot function well. This nature holds me back from opportunities that move me forward on my spiritual journey. Not only do I lose the opportunity to help with the task, it prevents me from learning new skills and filling myself with power. When I work in various situations, I learn to cope, I learn to assert, I learn to tolerate etc. I become powerful. Unless I develop power, I cannot move forward to other lessons…I hold myself back.

Baba says, you must only be delicate when it comes transforming your sanskars but not in actions. There, I have to be an embodiment of power. Protect yourself with the shield of all the powers, He says, else, you can easily be hit by an arrow. And arrows are aimed to the part of the body that is most delicate. Same thing here with the soul…I will get hit where I am weakest. That paper will come and fail me again and again until I develop the power or the shield.

Remember Who is teaching you and learn, He says.

Because I spend time in extroversion i.e. in looking at other’s defects, I forget my own and fall behind. I lose valuable time and energy that I could be spending on my own progress. Those in the military, for example, Baba says, doesn’t tell their superiors that they won’t do something or express their preferences. They just follow orders. This too is an army, says Baba. This is the Godly army. You are receiving directions from the Unlimited Father, the Bestower. The Bestower can never give wrong directions, He says. So, simply follow instructions without giving excuses and you will continue to move forward.

I have the desire to fulfill Baba’s hopes for me but when I am delicate, it gets in the way. I want to move at a fast pace but when something comes in front of me, I get afraid either by my own sanskars or other’s sanskars or the task and pull back. Then, I say: at least I am moving forward, I’m sure I will change some day or my aim is still good, Baba will help me. I leave it up to time or Baba rather than take charge. That’s what devotees do, not children. Instead of thinking: I can only do this much….I rather think: I have come this far, done things I didn’t think I could do. Now, I can do this too and then…do it. It’s not enough, Baba says, to just think of doing something, you actually have to do it.

Become knowledgeful and focus on imbibing every point of knowledge, then you will attract others even against their wish, He says.

The more I imbibe, the closer to my original self I become, the more liberated I feel in life. All the bondages- be it fears, weaknesses, ego, jealousies, attachments…whatever that were holding me back, fall off. I become light. Then, my very being- my eyes, face, behavior, attitude, thoughts, words, actions- reflects my reality…a happiness, a contentment. That in turn functions as a mirror for other souls. They see in there a possibility for themselves. I can, I want to be like that too. And so, as I transform, I transform the world.

You lay seige to the world, says Baba. Don’t become delicate.

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2 Responses to Don’t be delicate

  1. M.G.Padmasree says:

    Fabulous šŸ„° experinces

  2. Eva says:

    Truly amazing experience. The power of a single thought. The link of life. It is all Babaā€™s!!!

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