Finish body consciousness

Baba says, ‘finish the illness of body consciousness‘. Only when this body consciousness finishes can you climb into the Father’s heart.

Body consciousness, in very simple terms, it is the consciousness of ‘I’ and ‘mine’. It shows up in both gross and subtle ways. This consciousness of the limited “I” stops me from doing tapasya and service – I get trapped instead in the many ‘I’s and ‘mine’s in my life. When I renounce this one thing…this consciousness of ‘I’ and ‘mine’, all that remains is – I am a pure soul and mine is the one Father and none other.  I belong to the One; I only follow the elevated directions of the One. Then, my stage automatically becomes constant and stable because I am not oscillating between opinions. A constant and stable stage is my elevated seat.  When I have the slightest consciousness of the body, “I did this”, “I am like this”, I cannot serve. This one germ, if you will, brings with it all kinds of illnesses – jealousy, comparison, competition, dislike, prejudice, etc.

So are you really renouncing anything valuable when you renounce the consciousness of ‘I’ and ‘mine’?, asks Baba.

Today, in the world, there are mostly selfish relationships of the body: they snatch my happiness and peace, we are brothers at one moment, and in the next become enemies due to selfishness, we cause each other sorrow and deceive, we bind each other with strings of attachment. Have all your relationships with Me, I will fulfill them, He says. When I do, I learn from Him how to truly relate. I learn to be selfless, honest, authentic. I learn the meaning of true love and how it is different from attachment. Then, when I step back into the world, I relate differently with souls and that brings change.

The Father facilitates the soul’s purification and then lets it go, doesn’t hold on. That is love, that is kindness, that is soul consciousness.

My relationship with material possessions is not much different than my relationships with people – I get trapped in the consciousness of “mine”, I become a caged bird. I accumulate more because I think the more I have, the happier I’ll be but I only end up digging myself into a hole of fear of loss, anxiety, stress and dependencies. Here you receive imperishable attainment, says Baba.

So, what did you receive and what did you give?  Is that renunciation or fortune? He asks.

Some times, body consciousness shows up in subtler ways- in my manners- but the root cause is always the same i.e. the attachment to ‘I’ and ‘mine’.

I become arrogant when I think of something as ‘my idea’. I then insult others. I might not give regard to what they say, I cut them off. And this has nothing to do with who’s idea was better. It might well be that my idea was indeed the better one, it might have been based on facts and experience. We are not denying that to ourselves but that’s not what’s important. What’s important is how I treat myself and others – with regard and kindness…like Baba. To give regard to someone’s ideas is to give regard to the person themselves. Only those who give such regard can become sovereigns, and they also claim a right to receiving regard from everyone, says Baba, this is why you must follow the father.

Anytime someone gives advice, he is giving that considering it to be right. Then, at that time, even a little bit of disregard is experienced as a big blow. Even one word feels like an arrow. This is why, whilst giving regard to everyone, you should never use the words, ‘This doesn’t sound right, this is not possible at all’. What would you lose, Baba asks, if, instead, you said: ‘Yes, it is very good. We should definitely think about it’. You have to give love and regard, He says.

Sometimes, I hurt others jokingly. Baba says, it is as if you tripped them as they were trying to move. And until they have that wound, they will never forget who caused it to them. This is not a small matter, says Baba.

Then, at times, I feel the burden of responsibility. ‘I’ have to take care of this, ‘I’ have to do so much, ‘I’ don’t know how to do this…I forget Who is getting it done. I forget I am His instrument in service. This is God’s domain, He will get things done…I simply have to co-operate by staying open and following directions.

It is good to hear and gives lectures and relate the knowledge but you have to first understand and imbibe these jewels within yourself, He says. I mustn’t just have remembrance at fixed times but rather live a life of remembrance, where I remain naturally and constantly connected to the One Beloved. When I make Baba my world in this way- His thoughts are my thoughts, His words are what I speak, my actions are elevated like His…then, I break the bondage of body consciousness. Then, I will automatically become free from all other bondages and climb on to the Father’s heart.

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