Take My hand

Baba says, ‘your duty is to make the poor wealthy‘. You are those who benefit everyone.

At this point in the cycle, Maya has made us completely bankrupt – spiritually, emotionally. Life therefore has become for many, not about living…but simple of surviving. This is why there is so much fear: will I have enough money, will my job be secure, will my relationships last? There is a lack of a sense of security, happiness and even basic inner peace. The crisis isn’t so much economic or environmental as it is existential. This is what complete bankruptcy looks like.

Maya does this by making me forget who I am and Whom I belong to. Because of this ignorance, the soul starts to rely on external things and people to experience love and happiness and that, of course, is false. Because it is trying to get its sense of value from the outside, it constantly feels empty inside. Then, there are wants and needs. It builds and becomes addicted to attachments. It wants more but gets much, much less. The more I grab, the more I seem to lose. This is the result of my lost spiritual identity.

God is called the Lord of the poor.

At this time, when the entire world is poor and unhappy, the Father has come to liberate everyone from sorrow. It is not a big thing to have mercy for someone by giving them food and clothes- that’s not what makes them rich, He says. He is not called the Lord of the Poor because He gives money to people. I make poor souls, that is, impure souls who have no knowledge, pure by giving them knowledge. He reminds me of who I am, Whom I belong to. He returns to me my spiritual identity and makes the orphaned soul, belong again.

The whole of humanity are His children. I give My hand but not everyone takes it, He says, only a few do. Most don’t recognize Me, they think I am omnipresent and pray to the stones and trees. Then, they also say that I am beyond name and form but nothing can be beyond name or form. They call the Ganges the Purifier but how can water purify the soul? There is such great ignorance about who they are and Who I am. You must now give your hand to your brother who will then give his hand to another…and thus, He says, everyone will be liberated from sorrow. This is your duty.

His hand is His Shrimat. Along with His hand, I also take His company which is His remembrance. His Shrimat becomes my compass that shows me right vs wrong, true vs. false. Through His remembrance, I receive His love which becomes power as it penetrates the soul. This is His life force that He gives to His children who will use it to serve others, to remove their sorrow so they can also be free. His remembrance is the power wash that cleans the soul out.

It washes away the selfish thinking – of the wants and needs – which led to the selfish feelings of worry, doubt, fear, hopelessness, dependency. Then, I touch base with the original sanskars and through them I start to experience pure feelings. I start to experience myself as who I really am – a pure, peaceful and a complete soul – I am who I am. I start to respect, value and appreciate. It starts to create wellbeing, joy and fulfillment.

I start to then see others as souls too and this creates a sense of equality. When I used to see through the lens of body consciousness, there was only inequality- gender, nationality, appearance, race, color, status etc. and therefore conflict. Now, there is friendship, tolerance and love. Now, I have compassion. I understand the position of the other soul, I accept and work with it. Like God, I don’t impose or push, I don’t expect or demand, I am patient and respectful.

Baba is also called the Master Gardener. A gardener cultivates when he wants to get the best from his garden. God cultivates His garden too, He sustains the souls with His compassion, His generosity, His availability. As my Father, Teacher and Satguru, He is constantly with me caring, teaching and guiding. As my Friend, He listens to and encourages me. You are also master gardeners, He reminds me.

I cultivate by following the code of conduct accurately and reminding others with love to do the same. I don’t miss Amritvela- my time with the Beloved, I don’t miss the Murli. There are no excuses. I need this life force daily to remain charged, I don’t just hear but I practice the knowledge daily because I care deeply for myself, I respect Baba and His task. This is the caring, the cultivating. I become an embodiment, the child and reveal the Father through every aspect of my being. I become the mirror in which souls see themselves: that is my truth too, that is my true nature too; I become the instrument through whom they receive an experience of the Father. And thus, I give my hand to my brother.

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