This is the elevated confluence age

Baba says, ‘this is the most elevated confluence age‘. The old world is changing and becoming new.

The confluence age, as the name suggests, is a meeting of two different ages – the iron age and the golden age or the old and the new. The confluence age cannot be called the new age since it is still being established but it is at this time that I participate in the establishment, and observe the transition from the old to the new.

This is the only time in the history of the cycle that I have the knowledge of old and new, of the beginning, middle and end of the cycle, of the four ages. And therefore, this is the only time I am able to recognize and appreciate contrast – true vs. false, right vs wrong, old vs. new, pure vs. impure.

This is the only time in the whole cycle that God comes to this physical world and meets His children. He is always my Father but at this time, He also becomes my Teacher and my Guru. He cares and sustains but also teaches and guides. I had forgotten who I am, He reminds me of my truth. He provides guidance for every moment of every day. I actually relate to Him in various relationships and He responds and fulfills each of those relationships. He doesn’t inspire from up above, He actually comes, He is here with me. I experience direct sustenance from God.

The people of the world don’t even know about the confluence age. They think there is a lot more time left in the iron age but you know that this is the most elevated confluence age, says Baba. The new world is being established.

Do I have this awareness at all times? or do I allow my mind to touch the shores of the iron age, take a short holiday there from time to time. If I do then I am delaying the new world. Unless I become elevated, I cannot usher in the new world and I often get in my own way when I have one foot in the old and the other in the new. I understand what Baba tells me but I mix in the dictates of my own mind: yes, I have to be careful of what I see/hear but it won’t to watch that movie or attend that party. Yes, name and fame don’t matter…but, I need to win that title, that position to ‘be someone’ in this world.

This is the time for self-realization, says Baba. Remember who you are and become that. He tells me every day of my own greatness, of my purity, of my virtues, of my powers…I hear it, I understand it intellectually but do I embody it? This is all that I’m going to be able to take with me, He reminds me. Everything else I am working so hard for – the name, fame, the status, the position, the approvals…not only will they not go with me, they are fleeting even now…there today, gone tomorrow.

This is a parlay for the whole cycle, He says. The effort I put in now sets me up for the whole cycle and this is the only time I can put in the effort. Do I have this awareness? If I do, then, I will invest wisely.

My Father has given me the inheritance – the knowledge but it is up to me to claim it and make it mine. That is the journey of this confluence age, that is what makes me degraded to elevated. To take every point of knowledge and actually experience it, imbibe it and make it part of my nature – that is claiming the inheritance. To do that, I use the knowledge in my practical life. When situations come, Baba says, it is not a bad thing, in fact, it is good luck! It is an opportunity to claim another jewel of my inheritance. It is an opportunity to use a new point of knowledge and become powerful. Situations come to make me experienced, to move me forward, He reminds me. Let me not shake when they come, let me face them.

Having this awareness that I am studying at this time to become a sovereign will help me develop a positive attitude. Else, I see situations and challenges as conspiracies to keep me down, life feels like an effort, I become buried in the trivial and mundane. When I understand the elevatedness of the time I am in, when I understand the role it plays in my life, when I stay aware of my aim, I experience that Drama in fact cherishes me. It is constantly setting me up with opportunities to learn and become strong. Let me take advantage of them with God as my Companion and Partner through it all.

He is constantly speaking to me and reminding me of who I am, let me step into His vision. Let me not hold myself back by doubting myself- often I look at my current state and think God must not be talking about me. But He is! He is just looking at my original, true self. Let me do the same. In introspection, I step inward and don’t just skim the surface but actually touch base. There I find my truth…let me emerge it. Let me connect with the One by then moving upward and experience His love, peace, purity and power. I am just like Him. I am His child. It’s just that I had forgotten. Now, I remember. And, I become elevated once again.

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  1. Eva says:

    Trying to rise above the fog and connect to super consciousness the soul takes practice and determination.

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