Heaven is the land of happiness

Baba says, ‘heaven is called the land of happiness‘. That is the golden age, the new world.

The Father comes and makes the old world into the new world of heaven. Some people don’t consider hell to be hell. Wealthy people think: we are already in heaven. We have wealth, palaces, cars, airplanes etc. We have everything, it is heaven for us here. It is hell for those living in the slums.

That, Baba says, is a very limited and wrong understanding of what heaven is.

Heaven, the new world, is not just about wealth and palaces. That is the least of it. The new world is the land of happiness, it is the land where there is no trace of sorrow. The new world is the a viceless world, it is a garden of flowers. It is a land where there is just one religion- that of peace and everyone lives in unity as a family. It is the land where there are no police or courtrooms, there is just a pure conscience that commits no wrong. It is a land where there are no ups and downs, wins and losses, rich and poor, it is a land of equality where everyone has enough and everyone is content.

You become sovereigns of such a world, says Baba but the basis of that is self-sovereignty now.

  1. Self-sovereignty means my physical and subtle organs obey my will. My eyes and ears see and hear only that which I choose as okay. My lips speak words that are sweet and knowledgful. My mind thinks thoughts that are pure, my intellect doesn’t wander away and I am able to use my sanskars for a task with elevated principles. If any of my physical organs deceive me, if my sanskars are not under my control, then I wouldn’t be called a self-sovereign. I lack ruling power.
  2. Self-sovereignty means I have the experience of being completely free from sorrow. It means I am aware of my treasures, I am aware of my elevated destiny and I remain in that intoxication. When situations come, I don’t shake…rather, I remain firm on the knowledge of Drama. I do what I need to do according to Shrimat and move on.
  3. Self-sovereignty means that once I understand something to be wrong, I have the controlling power to not do it. I don’t make a mistake, understand intellectually that it was a mistake and still continue making it. That is powerlessness.

The wealthy people of today might certainly have airplanes and palaces but they lack the qualities of self-sovereignty. They lack access to their own inner peace, power and contentment. They still experience sorrow in their lives, they are shaken by fluctuations to their wealth which defines them, disappointments in relationships. There is jealousy, competition leading to stress, anxiety and many a sleepless night. They rely on an army of advisors where there are betrayals, manipulations and other manifestations of dishonesty.

Heaven is not a measure of wealth, it is an experience of absolute bliss – where the soul is ignorant of the very notion of sorrow. There too, there will be tasks and activities carried out by various people but everything is carried out with love of a family. It isn’t that the king has a lot of wealth and the others suffer. There is no trace of sorrow or peacelessness or discontentment for anyone. There are no tsunamis or earthquakes- the elements reflect the purity of the souls and co-operate, they serve.

This experience of heaven, of bliss is based on my becoming pure now. My purity purifies the elements, the world and ushers in the newness. I don’t wake up one day and become happy, I learn to stay constantly happy now…in the midst of sorrow, in the midst of upheaval. Only the remembrance of the One can make me pure.

The Father says: this is the most elevated confluence age where you become elevated. You were pure souls but you have now become impure. By remembering the Father now, you will become pure. In the world outside, there are magicians who show clever tricks. You too are magicians, says Baba. And the magic you show is not just unique, it is the only true magic. No one but the One can teach it. By listening to this knowledge you change from a degraded human being into an elevated human being. You establish world sovereignty by following shrimat. 

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