The pilgrimage of remembrance

Baba says, ‘stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance‘. That is the only way to have alloy removed from the soul.

Knowledge is elevated but the remembrance is even more elevated than the knowledge, says Baba, you are on a pilgrimage of remembrance. Knowledge teaches me right and wrong, true and false but it doesn’t purify the sankars, it doesn’t give me inner power. Power comes when the alloy that is mixed into the soul is melted away and I become pure. Purification or the dissolving of the alloy requires fire, the fire of remembrance.

Mine is not a remembrance that I observe for a few minutes each day as a routine, it is an attitude, it is a lifestyle….a long pilgrimage. I am constantly in remembrance. ‘You have been My lover calling out to Me for half a cycle’, He reminds me. The Beloved is here now and so I spend every moment with Him. I do my chores with Him, I eat with Him, I speak with Him, walk with Him….He is my constant Companion. I am on a journey…

People who go on pilgrimages say that they are going to such-and-such a pilgrimage place. The Father is now teaching me a very long pilgrimage of remembrance. He says: Remember Me! People return from the worldly pilgrimages but this is a spiritual pilgrimage from which I don’t return to this old world. I go and reside in the land of liberation. In the scripture, it is shown that Rama took an army of monkeys and that they built a bridge of stones to go across the ocean. It is actually a memorial of this time, says Baba. You build a bridge of your pilgrimage of remembrance using which you go across the the ocean of poison, of the vices.

On worldly pilgrimages, people observe purity for the duration of the pilgrimage, then they fall back into old impure patterns once they get back. Here, I remain pure until the very end. ‘Become pure in this one birth and it will become your foundation for the whole cycle‘, says Baba.

Knowledge is easy, even a small child can listen and then repeat it or even explain to others. But it is in remembrance that Maya creates obstacles, He says. Sometimes we think noise disturbs my remembrance…however, noise cannot disturb my connection with the Beloved, it is Maya that interferes. She comes in the form of I and mine, in the form of the criminal eye, anger, jealousy etc. that distracts me from my pilgrimage. I know what He is telling me but my many identities- my many ‘I’s, so to speak and my many attachments – my many ‘mines’ pull me toward them. I see someone or something and I am attracted, someone says something or I don’t get an expected outcome from a task and it makes me angry, disappointed. Competition makes me jealous…It’s as if my intellect is engaged in a tug-o-war between God and Maya. ‘You have to remain very, very careful about this. Don’t allow yourself to be pulled by her‘, He says.

Keeping a chart is a good method for this, He advises. It motivates me to stay alert throughout the day, to check my thoughts and ensure my intellect is connected to the Supreme. If you have others at home, alert each other, He says. This is an incognito pilgrimage, says Baba, only the soul knows to what extent it remembers.

On the worldly pilgrimages, some become weary and so they turn back. This is not a physical pilgrimage where I have to go anywhere…on this spiritual journey, I, the soul leave the shore of darkness and enter the kingdom of light. On this journey, I have new realizations, new learning, new experiences. I become transformed completely from my current impure state and return to my original pure state. Then, I cannot come back to the old, impure world…I find myself instead in the new, pure world. The Father says: O traveler of the night, don’t become weary. Stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance and remove the burden of your sins of many births from your head.

This pilgrimage only takes place once at this most elevated confluence age. It is a wonderful pilgrimage that I, the soul take with the Supreme Soul as my Guide and Companion. It’s called Manmanabhav and I don’t come back.

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  1. Sushil Rudra says:

    Well expressed. Thank you

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