My most Beloved Teacher

Baba says, ‘He is the also the Teacher of the souls‘. You have to remember this firmly.

In the world, a father, teacher and guru are all separate. A child has to remember that such-and-such a teacher is teaching me. Here, you remember only the One in all three relationships, He says. The name of all three is just Shiva. He is the supremely beloved Supreme Father, the supremely beloved Teacher and the supremely beloved Satguru all in One.

The Supreme Soul teaches Rajayoga at the confluence age. The Father says: I come every cycle at the confluence age, when the devilish kingdom is to be destroyed and the divine kingdom established. He does so by teaching me about the Creator and the creation.

He teaches me the whole study of the Creator and creation with the words: soul, Supreme Soul and world cycle. With this study, I become the knower of the three aspects of time – the past, present and future and become the embodiment of knowledge. It is also a guaranteed source of income, I receive imperishable attainment for birth after birth from the true Teacher. In fact, in the world outside, a teacher doesn’t guarantee that I will constantly continue to earn or that I will remain wealthy. They simply teach me and hope that I become worthy. Here, as a child and Godly student, I receive from the Father and the Teacher, happiness, peace, wealth, bliss, love and a happy relationships for the whole cycle. It is not that I might receive, it is a guarantee.

How? because this study is not something I get from a book, neither am I memorizing a scripture. This study is about self-transformation. The knowledge I hear is about me, about the real me. The effort is remembrance! I remember who I really am and become that once again. No one can take from me what I am! It’s imperishable. When I transform, I automatically set myself up to experience all the attainments of peace, bliss, happiness etc.

And so, this is a unique study being taught by the unique Father to the unique students and the attainments are unique too. It is a study to change degraded human beings into divine beings, of making my character good for all time. No matter how big of a scholar someone is, no one can know the study and inheritance of the unique Father and Teacher, says Baba. It isn’t something anyone can take a picture of, it’s all happening inside! So, how could anyone know it?, asks Baba.

I teach that which no one else can teach and I teach those whom no one else can teach. What would be the big deal if the Father also taught those the world teaches?, He asks. He makes the hopeless souls hopeful again. He makes the impossible become possible. This is why there is the praise: Only God knows His ways and means.

You must never have doubt in the One that is teaching you‘, He says. Sometimes, I see Baba give different souls different direction for the same thing and I wonder why. Baba says, the Teacher knows each student well, He knows their background, their unique need and situation and He accordingly uses different ways to coach each child.

When students in a school pass very well, they are grateful to their teacher. They want to express their thanks. How would you thank this Teacher?, He asks. I become a helper in His task by serving like Him, be becoming a master Teacher.

A teacher isn’t just someone who relates the knowledge but is one who also gives an experience through her form, He says. Since half a cycle, many people of great fame have related knowledge, given lectures or classes. But on this path, Baba says, it isn’t about giving a lecture, the service is of constantly creating a very pure unlimited atmosphere. I do this by becoming an embodiment of the divine virtues, by becoming pure such that my very being automatically serves- my vision, my eyes, my smile, my thoughts, my attitude, words, behavior…all serve. If you say that you are unable to serve because of the atmosphere, then, you are not a teacher, says Baba.

A teacher means someone who brings about transformation, not someone who is influenced themselves. A teacher doesn’t become lazy by becoming disheartened by their efforts, they will not say: what can I do? I can only do this much…I don’t have courage…I am doing my best…To get tired of making effort, to give up is also a sign of laziness, He says. Tapasya means determination and is the hallmark of a teacher. They don’t get tired of effort and they don’t allow others to get tired either, He says. Helping those who are weak with the co-operation of her powers, increasing zeal and enthusiasm of those who have become disheartened is the task and also the duty of teachers, He reminds me. You should be so completely full yourselves that you can make others full too.

A teacher is also an all-rounder that has enthusiasm for all tasks, big or small, He says. Sometimes, some souls feel enthusiastic about conducting class, giving lectures but feel that physical work is someone else’s job. This is not right, says Baba. Physical work is also a subject within the study and everyone has to do it…teachers are not exempt.

All children are the most elevated of all, but those who become master teachers and who serve day and night with love in their heart as true servers are special amongst the special, He says. Create thoughts, speak words and perform actions whilst keeping this highest self-respect in your awareness, He tells me. Always remember that you are the light of the eyes, the jewels of the forehead, the beads of the rosary of victory around the neck and the smile on the Father’s lips. You are the loveliest friends.

So let me check today: am I such a master teacher? Have I given my most Beloved Teacher my thanks?

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  1. Geraldine says:

    I love reading your posts. How can i print them. If possible.

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