Becoming religious

Baba says, ‘we are establishing the new religion‘. Only the Father establishes the one religion and all other religions are destroyed.

Baba becomes the instrument to establish the one religion. It is only at this confluence age that there is destruction of innumerable religions and the establishment of the one religion. In the new world, there is only one religion, the one established by God at this time.

So, what is religion? It means righteousness. It means goodness. It means virtue. It means the right way if living or the path of rightness. This is why, it is said: religion is might. Because it is about rightness, because it is about walking the path that God shows His children at this time in the Confluence age.

It has nothing to do with being a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian or anything else. A practical proof of this is the fact that no man-made religion is right. If it were, then people following that religion would be happy, they would be content, there would be no violence or infighting. On the one hand there is the talk of religion and on the other side, the stage of being a practical embodiment of virtues. Unless the two are together, it is not religious, says Baba.

God comes to establish the one religion at this time, He comes to remind us the right way to live. When you became body conscious, you also became irreligious, He says. I come to remind you of who you really are and of your religion, He says. He re-establishes the virtuous way of living. You have to pay attention to being a practical embodiment of knowledge, He says. It shouldn’t just remain in your intellect as points, then, there would be no difference between me and another soul that follows any religion. The two i.e. knowledge and practical life, have to match.

For instance, when I become the embodiment of the virtue of purity,

  1. I am able to live in the midst of impurity and serve, I am able to transform the atmosphere.
  2. my power of purity cools down the souls who are burning in the fire of vices
  3. my power of purity liberates souls from their bondages, empowers them
  4. my power of purity gives sightless souls the third eye of knowledge so they too can see the light
  5. my power of purity becomes a support to the structure of the world to prevent it from falling

If I only speak of purity but am unable to embody it and bring about change, then I am not living religiously. I am just a pundit. The power of religion easily transforms the self and others. The transformation is very clear. Secondly, I will be firm, I will not fluctuate. Only when I am firm will I be able to transform. If I shake myself with every little situation or crisis, then a) I have not embodied the knowledge and b) my intellect is not stable enough to think clearly and take action and c) I certainly am not inspiring confidence in anyone else.

At the end of the cycle, there is no human being that is virtuous, that is religious, says Baba. Only He is righteous. Because only He remains beyond the influence of the vices and is in constant realization. He and only He is therefore my reference point to become righteous once again.

Ravan makes you unrighteous, He explains. I alone am the Purifier. Remember Me and you will become pure. He teaches me Rajayoga- the knowledge that reminds me of who I am and my inheritance. He teaches me to touch base with my own truth that has become buried deep within me and re-emerge it, bring it into my life. He teaches me to connect with Him, my Father, from Whom I had become separated for a long time. His love heals and transforms. It gives me the power to be myself again, to be righteous again.

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